If someone has experienced trauma, either as an adult or as a child, they may end up suffering in silence. This is not to say that they will consciously choose to suffer as this is something that can just take place.

What took place will have had a big effect on them and it will be a challenge for them to handle life. There will then have been what took place and there will be how it continues to impact their life.

The Norm

If they experienced trauma as a child, they might not know what it is like to experience life differently. Yet, if one experienced trauma as an adult, they may be able to remember how their life used to be.

Either way, how they currently experience life will be what is normal; meaning that they might not even question what is taking place. For them to see that their life can be different, they will need to be able to take a step back.

Breaking Free

If they are able to take a step back and to reflect on what is taking place, it would open them up to the fact that their life can be different. What could be the catalyst here is if they were to connect to how they used to be or to have a conversation with someone.

Another person could pick up on what they have been through and make a suggestion. Conversely, one could get to the point where they can no longer live in this way, causing them to look online for answers.

The Symptoms

If they were asked to talk about what is going on for them, they could say that they usually feel overwhelmed and their thoughts are often out of control, too. This will make it hard for them to feel at ease and to experience inner peace.

Getting to sleep at night may also be a challenge, making it hard for them to concentrate, remember things and to have enough energy. Alternatively, they could spend a lot of time feeling numb and being completely out of touch with how they feel.

A Desperate Place

If one doesn’t spend most of their life feeling out of control or shut down, they could alternate between the two. When it comes to which one they experience, it could depend on what they focus on and/or what is taking place externally.

After stepping back and looking for answers, they could end up finding a therapist or a counsellor to work with. This could be a time when they will focus on what is taking place in their mind.

The Key Area

According to the person that they work with, this will be the part of their being that is in control of what is taking place. Therefore, by changing what is taking place up top, their life will gradually change.

This can then be a time when they will change their thoughts, beliefs and memories. After working with this person for a little while, they may find that they start to appreciate their time on this earth.

The Truth

Due to the effect that this approach has had on them, they can come to the conclusion that it really is all about the mind. If they were to come across someone else who is in a bad way after experiencing some kind of trauma, they could tell them that they need to deal with what is going on up top.

Then again, this approach might not work, or if it does, it might only work for a little while. If it only works for a little while, it could be even harder for them to tolerate what is taking place.


Another thing that could take place, that’s if one only focuses on what is going on up top, is that they could end up with other problems as time goes by. One could struggle to understand what is going on.

It could seem as though their body is playing up for no reason, with there being no end to their suffering. But while this could be hard for them to understand, it would probably make sense if they had a greater understanding of the impact that trauma has on the body and brain.

Going Deeper

Regardless of when they experienced trauma, there is a strong chance that their nervous system was highly activated. In other words, their being would have been flooded with energy.

This energy won’t be released by focusing on what is taking place up top. What this approach can do is push this energy deep into their body, thereby setting them up to experience a whole host of other symptoms as time goes by.

For Example

This energy is not being given the chance to come out, so it stays in their body and slowly weakens them. There are a number of things that can take place through having all this arousal inside them.

It can be hard for them to stay in their body, with them having the tendency to dissociate. Along with this, they can experience physical pain and their internal organs can end up being undermined.


Taking this into account, when it comes to healing trauma, focusing solely on the mind can do more harm than good. For one to actually heal from what took place, they will need to do something that will release this energy.

One way for this to take place will be for them to work with someone who is trained in Total Release Experience or Somatic Experiencing. Through using one of these techniques, they should be able to gradually let go of this arousal and to come out of their activated state.

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