I mediated a few weeks ago and this was something that I hadn’t done for a little while. But even though I hadn’t done this for a little while, I soon remembered how beneficial it was to mediate.

I felt more at peace afterwards and it brought to my attention how different the mind is compared with the body. While the mind sees everything as separate and categorises everything; the body is in the present moment and just is.


Not only does the mind believe that everything it sees is separate; it also believes that it has no connection to the body. So, if someone has completely identified with their mind, it is going to make it easy for them to harm anyone and anything.

Yet, if they have bought into the minds illusions, there is going to be no reason for them to behave any differently. The body allows us to feel connected to life, whereas the mind causes us to be observers of life.

One Option

What this means is that the only way we can embrace life is if we are in our body; there is no other way. The mind will take our attention back into the past or into a future that doesn’t exist.

And, through being disconnected from life (our body), it can then be normal for us to feel less-than others. We can then allow this to define our life or we can try to avoid feeling this way by achieving things, for instance, along with developing a false-self that can allow us to believe that we are more-than others.

Back Down

If we feel as though we are more-than others, our ego will believe that we are the centre of the universe as opposed to being part of it. Taking all this into account, it can be hard to understand why anyone would want to live in their head; especially as it will only lead to a painful existence.

What this comes down to is that while it is painful to live in this way, it can be easier to live in this way than it can be to get into the body. This is due to the amount of pain that someone can be carrying in their body.

A Contradiction

To be more accurate: it can be easier for someone to live this way in the short-term, but their life is likely to get worse as time goes by. If they were to face the pain within them and to work through it, it wouldn’t last forever.

So, although they will experience more pain than usual, the pain within them will gradually subside. The pain that is within them can relate to what they have experienced during their adult years, what happened during their early years, and what has been passed down from their ancestors.

The Healing Journey

As these inner blocks are released it will allow them to have moments when they realise that they are not separate from anything. This is why distant healing can take place or how someone can work with a healer from the other side of the planet – the distance between them is an illusion.

It can be hard to imagine what the world would be like if everyone on this planet lived in their body. If you get the sense that you are carrying a lot of baggage, reach out for the right assistance.

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