Those with disabilities find taking a vacation to be a difficult, if not impossible venture. The disabled traveler has multiple problems that are associated with vacation destinations, as well as finding affordable accommodations that are disabled friendly.

Often hotels claim that they are wheelchair accessible, but this does not mean that they are ADA compliant. Wheelchair accessible usually means that there is a ramp which enables the wheelchair bound guests to enter and leave the hotel. Possibly, there may be rooms on the ground floor or others that are accessible by an elevator. However, the rooms are not designed to accommodate those that have physical limitations, mobility issues, or who are bound to a wheelchair.

According the ADA, (American Disabilities Act), as of 2012, the lack of accessibility is to change. Hotels and other businesses are included in the new changes that are to take affect. Although there are many hotels that are already ADA compliant, many hotels, around the USA are being required, by law, to become ADA compliant. Other destinations around the world understand the plight of those who are disabled, especially wheelchair bound that offer accommodations, and other amenities to meet their needs.

Another favorite mode of travel for a vacation which is pleasurable is that of cruises. Unfortunately, most cruise lines cater to their able bodied guests. Unfortunately, someone in a wheelchair may get through the door to their room, but will not be able to maneuver around all of the amenities that are provided, including the beds. Needless to say, taking a shower is difficult if one cannot stand or be transferred into a shower if there isn't specialized bench or chair available to them. Many cruise lines are being forced to become ADA compliant due to the lawsuits that have been brought against them.

Of course, there are those who have special medical needs and require special equipment in the event of an emergency. With the correct information, vacationers can investigate various cruise lines in order to find those who can accommodate them. One of the most important difficulties, especially those in wheelchairs, is being able to board the ship, or to get off at various ports when the ship docks. The disabled traveler will not be able to enjoy the sightseeing, and other activities that are enjoyed by other vacationers.

Fortunately, around the world and the USA, travel for the disabled is becoming easier, and more pleasant due to the changes being made within the tourism and hospitality industry. There are multiple vacation destinations which include accommodations for the disabled, as well as beaches that are also becoming ADA compliant, or who have gone the extra mile for disabled travelers.

Vacation Ideas

Disney is a great vacation for the disabled. Scooters are provided to visitors who need them. The main issue for wheelchairs and scooters is when attending the various performances, where there is water, such as performing whales, dolphins etc. It is advised to obtain assistance in finding a location where the excessive splashing will not harm your wheelchair or scooter. Disney and many surrounding hotels offer special disability accommodations

Cruises : Two known cruise lines that cater to the disabled are

Holland America
Cruise One

These cruise lines have taken into consideration that there is various medical needs for supplies, and equipment that may be needed for their guests. Of course, there are those who have special medical needs and require special equipment in the event of an emergency. With the correct information, vacationers can investigate various cruise lines in order to find those who can accommodate them. Vacationing by cruise lines, also eliminates the extra cost of hotel suites.


Travel by train is another mode for vacationers which accommodate wheelchairs. Italy and Alaska have various tour trains making it easier for those in wheelchairs to enjoy their visit. Hotels have also gone to great lengths to provide easy access for their disabled guests.


South Carolina

Myrtle Beach puts out the welcome mat for their disabled guests. “Beach Chairs” is a program which offers guests special chairs with balloon tires, allowing easy maneuvering through the beach sand. There is an ADA-compliant beach access crossover at 15th Avenue North.

Beach access points: Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach have 27 handicap-accessible sites. Van-access handicap parking places vary. See 9th Avenue South (crossing Ocean Drive).

Wheelchair-accessible van rentals are available by phoning Wheelchair Getaways of South Carolina, 866-288-8118.

Hotels offer rooms with roll in showers and baths that are equipped with grab bars. The rooms are designed to be accessible, complete with other amenities such as telephones and refrigerators.

The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce will provide information which allows the disabled vacationer to plan ahead and find lodging that will suit their individual needs.

New Jersey

Jersey Shore: Beach Haven, along the New Jersey Shore, is a great place for adults as well as children. The beach is accessible by wheelchair, as well as the playground. Avalon Beach also has specialized Beach Wheelchairs, which are built to travel through sandy beaches.

Atlantic City: The beach has ADA compliant restrooms at Caspian Avenue. Other restrooms are available in between the various lifeguard stations. The beach is wheelchair accessible by ADA compliant ramps. Wheelchair ramps are located at Bertram, Annapolis, Albany, Providence, Chelsea, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Hampshire Avenues. There are ramps between Missouri and Columbia Avenues as well.

Surf chairs, with a weight limit of 350 pounds, are also available for beach goers according to availability. Visitors can make arrangements for Beach wheelchairs, in advance, by calling (609) 347-5312. While surfing, staff will store your wheelchair away safely.

Avalon Beach is located in South Jersey. Avalon beach is not only accessible by wheelchair, but they also have accessible beach wheelchairs which are specialized chairs that can travel easily through the beach sands.


Rehoboth Beach is one of the most popular and busiest of beaches. Again, wheelchair friendly with its “Beach Wheels” program which provides specialized chairs that are suitable to travel along the beach. The popular Boardwalk, in most locations require visitors to climb stairs. Rehoboth Beach has taken the stand that all should enjoy a stroll along the bustling boardwalk. It is complete with wheelchair ramps that also lead directly to the beach.

Ocean City, Maryland

Not only are the hotels ADA compliant, but the beach is as well. The Ocean City police department will supply visitors with specialized “Beach Wheelchairs.” There are numerous wheelchair beach accesses, as well as ADA compliant restrooms, along the beach. Ocean City is definitely “Disability Friendly.”


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