You met each other when you were studying abroad or on one of the trips you made with your friends. You fell in love; you continued to travel together till the day you decided to get married. Whatever your story is, one is certain. The trips have brought you together, the trips continue to unite you, and now it's time to join you on your most important day. So what is better than a wedding inspired by your love for traveling?


Leave the classical invitations with the familiar phrases of poems and choose something more original to print as an invitation card in the form of an air ticket or passport. For more vintage weddings, you can print invitations in the form of letters, with a stamp. Do not forget, you do not have to write a whole text, a phrase "travel with us" with the details of the ceremony and the party are enough.

The ceremony

Do not follow the rules of the candle-flower decoration. Place a bench with details on the wedding theme with your wedding dresses.


You should leave the shooting for the next day even for the next month. Find the photographer that fits for you and you and get photographed with a concept. It may be a vintage photograph with old suitcases; car or motorbike maps or even take a picture of where you met. How beautiful idea is to take pictures with your wedding dress, for example, in Barcelona or at the place where you first met.

Where in the world are you sitting?

There are a lot of interesting ideas about the place where the wedding party will be. In this case, you can choose the idea of country tables. Give each table a city or country name of the world and at the entrance of the room place a table or a map with stickers on it that will direct the guests to the country that they will sit. You can also buy or use your already existing post cards and write behind each of them the names of your guests. Each part also corresponds to a table!

The table

Once again, you should leave aside the classic centerpieces consisting of huge flower bouquets and prefer more travel patterns. From a great globe to Polaroid photos get your guests into a travel mood. Another clever idea is creating a book in the form of a map in which your story and travels are written. So keep your guests busy and let them learn more about your love story.

Wish book

You can choose a lot of themes for your wish book. All you need is a great globe and a few indelible pens or a large map you place on the entrance hall. Ask your guests to use post it stickers for their wishes that will stick to the map.

So sweet

You can order a cape in the shape of the globe as for your wedding cake. Alternatively you can order cupcakes in the shape of a compass or other small travel details, suitcases, maps, airplanes are all so must!

Extra tip: The travel wedding also fits perfectly with a couple who may not have been on a trip but nevertheless the bridesmaids intending to get married in some other place than they are living. They may want to have a Bali wedding instead of a typical one.

So even on the island or the city you chose to have your wedding, instead of confining yourself to classic themes, you can always organize a travel theme wedding filled with maps, suitcases, compasses and airplanes! You just need to make every guest feel that your soul mate is your perfect partner for your life traveling.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.