With a German Rail Pass in hand, hop on board any train in Germany and begin exploring its many vibrant cities, including Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and beyond. A German Rail Pass provides visitors with the freedom to travel throughout Germany´s extensive rail network for a specified number of days: anywhere from 3 to 10 flexible travel days to be used within one month. Passes are offered in first or second class for adult or twin fares, where twin fares are discounted for 2 adults traveling together. Youth between the ages of 16 and 25 are also eligible to receive a discounted fare, available in second class only. Plus children between the ages of 6 and 11 save up to 50% off the standard adult fare. With all these options, there truly is a German Rail Pass to suit everyone´s itinerary and budget!

As a German Rail Pass holder, passengers get access to travel aboard the entire DB Bahn (Deutsche Bahn) network, including the famous high speed ICE trains. To begin using your German Rail Pass, you simply need to have it validated within 6 months of purchase and before you board your first train. To do so, go to the ticket window at the rail station, present your German Rail Pass along with your passport, and have the railroad official stamp your pass and enter the first and last day of the validity period. After that all you need to do is write in each date of travel before you board your first train on that day. It´s that simple, with a German Rail Pass, arrive prepared, avoid ticket line-ups and enjoy the flexibility to travel at your leisure!

Can you really travel on any train in Germany with a German Rail Pass?

Yes, German Rail Pass holders can travel on all scheduled trains operated by DB Bahn throughout Germany, even including travel to Salzburg (Austria) and Basel (Switzerland). The only trains not included are those that can be referred to as ´ride´ trains such as private steam trains, narrow-gauge railways and museum railways.

Are seat reservations required when traveling with a German Rail Pass?

Seat reservations are not required. However, they are recommended during peak travel times, where the cost is not included in a German Rail Pass. The German Rail Pass exempts pass holders from paying a surcharge on German high speed day trains such as ICE*, IC or EC. One exception is ICE Sprinter trains, which require compulsory reservation and supplement for special on-board service. Overnight accommodation aboard a train, such as for a couchette on City Night Line trains, would also require a supplement.

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