Even if the country is difficult to locate on a map, a trip to Lesotho offers you wonders of which you do not even suspect the existence. Here is an original destination, far from the beaten track .
Skiing on the Afriski slopes

At almost 2820 m above sea level, the Afriski station offers visitors between June and August the opportunity to live a unique experience on the African continent. This is one of the only places in Africa where it is possible to hit the snowy slopes.
Learn more about Basotho culture

The country remains marked by the strong presence of the traditional cultures of the Basothos. During your hikes and through villages, you may have the chance to attend one of the many traditional ceremonies. If a wedding, a birth, a funeral or any other celebration takes place during your visit, do not refuse the invitation to attend.

Basotho culture is absolutely fascinating.
Getting lost on the isolated paths of Lesotho
With its small shape, Lesotho looks like a bubble. An oxygen bubble for all those who are suffocating in an increasingly touristic South Africa. Lesotho is completely encompassed by the great rainbow nation and it is very easy to get lost during a hike. The destination remains very confidential and in the vastness of certain landscapes you will often have the feeling of being alone in the world.

Go hiking or horse riding in dream settings
This is the goal of anyone who wishes to travel to Lesotho. In Malealea, in Semonkong, in the national park of Selhabathebe and so on, the destination turns out to be magic for those who want to devote a few days to a trek. The landscapes are unique, nature is intoxicating and the panoramas are breathtaking.

These spaces are the perfect terrain for long walks or horse rides.
Find preserved nature in every part of Lesotho
Lesotho's treasure is simple, it's its nature. Whether you discover the north, the south, the east, the west or the center, you will be amazed by the scenery. Here nature is still preserved. She is beautiful, wildly raw . Few places on the planet can boast such wonders on such a small surface.
Touch the clouds

This is the peculiarity of Lesotho: the country is also nicknamed the country in the clouds. On the spot however you will discover that Lesotho is not the highest country in the world. On the other hand, it holds the original record of being the lowest. Its lowest altitude reaches 1400 m.
Travel to Lesotho

Discover the places of interest in Lesotho
If you are looking for a destination far from the classic tourist circuits, if you want to discover nature in its raw state in what it can offer the wildest, if you are a fan of strong sensations and you want to take full eyes in front of breathtaking panoramas, go on a trip to Lesotho . The country contains all these advantages but it is so little known that a preliminary preparation is essential to know well the places which you must absolutely discover.

For this there is a place where you will be able to find good information, it is by knocking (or rather by clicking) at the door of the Evaneos community. Travelers returning from Lesotho and enthusiasts of this incredible destination are there to provide you with the essential advice that will help you prepare for this fabulous trip.

If the capitalMaseru is a must for withdrawing money or changing currency, there is no reason to stay there too long. At the gates of Butha Buthe, it is possible to live a unique experience on the continent by going down the ski slopes of the Afriski station. Malealea is the most visited site in the country, and for good reason, the panoramas that stretch as far as the eye can see are sublime. Semonkong in the center of the country offers wild, unspoiled and unspoiled nature.

This is where the world's highest abseiling is located. It is also a paradise for hikers and riders who can go from here to admire the incredible Maletsunyane Falls. You will find the same wonders by spending a few days in Sehlabathebe National Park .

Aside from these few absolutely essential places, Quthing will take you back 180 million years into the past, finding yourself face to face with dinosaur footprints. Ts'ehlanyane National Park will not fail to wear your soles during superb hikes in the midst of incredibly beautiful landscapes.

At Sani Pass you can face the freezing wind by warming yourself with a hot drink in the highest bar on the continent. Finally Katse Dam allows you to measure the gigantic size of the dam which is the pride of an entire people.

With all this you should be able to prepare your trip to this exceptional country!


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