After I went to Stockholm, Sweden, I was reminded of how good it was to travel, and the experience was very similar to how I felt when I have travelled in the past. When I went away last time, I came back feeling alive.

In addition to this, I saw myself differently and a lot of my thoughts and feelings were not the same as before. This was when I had just been to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and I wanted to do more travelling after this.

At First

When I first got to Stockholm, I experienced a mild sense of discomfort and this was mixed with excitement. My mind was switched on and I wanted to find out more about where I was.

I didn’t do much of my first day there as I hadn’t slept the night before. Still, I did have a quick look around part of the city, and then I ended up having a fairly early night.

In The Now

I woke up early the next day and had a look around the city, and I decided that it would be a good idea to do a bit of filming. I enjoyed walking around and going wherever I felt like going.

If I was somewhere where I had been before, my mind wouldn’t have been as engaged and this would have stopped me from being as present. The fact that it was all new was what brought me fully into the present moment.


This is very different to how I would be if I was walking around a town or a city near to me. I would have walked around somewhere like this numerous times and this would cause me to switch off.

What also stood out when I was away was how I didn’t feel as though I had to behave in a certain way. It felt a lot easier for me to be myself and to express myself however I wanted to.

A Powerful Conversation

Whilst I was there I met up with a friend of mine called, Peter Karlen, and he spoke about how important our environment is when it comes to experiencing change. He said that the usual approach, when it comes to change, is changing what is taking place within us, and that it is a lot easier for change to occur when we change our environment.

Through being away and in a new environment, it was only too aware of how powerful my environment was. I didn’t need to force myself to think differently or to behave differently; this was something that just happened.

Back Home

When I got back home, I didn’t take long until I started to go back into the role that I had played before I went away. It was as if I was no longer wearing a straight jacket when I was away and when I returned this started to change.

But even though I started to feel different and have different thoughts, I was no longer the same person. I think this shows how powerful it can be to travel, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to freshen up their mind or transform themselves.

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