In Feng Shui, we often use objects to support our intention for change in our life. These objects can be anything that we find either compelling, beautiful or inspiring. The object itself doesn't have to be any one specific thing, it only has to meet all or some of the criteria above. (Compelling, beautiful and/or inspiring).

To create an environment that embraces you with comfort, beauty, style and inspiration, it is vital that you choose to surround yourself with items and objects that resonate with who you are and what you like. An object that doesn't resonate with you and your personal sense of style is an object that has no meaning, and without meaning it is devoid of vibrant energy.

That being said, a powerful tool that I have been using a lot lately, with great success, is what’s called a Treasure, Wealth or Miracle Box.

It sounds good already doesn’t it?

Some basic guidelines:

1. Your box can be composed of a beautiful cut glass bowl, a basket, a metal box, a silver bowl, a ceramic bowl or any type of container that you feel is both attractive and represents abundance for you.

2. Depending on the purpose of your bowl, fill it with objects that reflect your purpose. For example: Health Bowl = picture of yourself in ideal health (or an image that represents health), beautiful crystal or stone (or several of both!), an angel card, or inspirational card supporting health and any other items that represent health to you.

3. Once you’ve assembled your bowl, it’s time to set your intention. This is best done in a place of quiet, focused attention. You can write an affirmation or read one that is appropriate, you can meditate on your intention and envision a golden light beam moving from you into the bowl and back again, vibrating with the power of your intention.

4. Now that your bowl is assembled and you’ve dedicated it with your intention, place your bowl where you will see it regularly. Why? Each time you see it you will be reminded of your intention and in this energetic exchange both you and the bowl are empowered. And when we’re empowered we experience success!

For a Wealth Bowl, I love filling a crystal bowl with a variety of crystals in all sizes and then placing it on a window sill where it catches the rays of the sun, clean and sparkling, casting rainbows all around!

Your Miracle Bowl represents your intention; use objects that really resonate in a deep and profound way with you. Remember your results are a reflection of your efforts; take time to create a bowl of beauty, a bowl of inspiration and a bowl of intention.

As Denise Linn said, “We react strongly to the power of symbolism and metaphor”, your Miracle Bowl symbolically represents what you desire, it holds the energy of your intention and that intention is enhanced and supported by the objects in the bowl.

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