A healthy life is a great blessing and those who are blessed with this phenomenon they should consider themselves as very fortunate ones. Ask about importance of healthy life from a patient who is seeking it. It is just like asking about the beauty of the world from a person who is blind and can’t see the exquisiteness around him. Treat cancer with patience may be something very difficult to digest but not an uphill one. Breast cancer also belongs to the same category. Cancer is a disease in which some of the cells inside our bodies have begun to divide and it becomes a continuous practice without any impediment and these cells also spread around other tissues in the body. Every human has so many cells in the body that develops and grows inside the body. New cells take place of old ones and old cells dies, as cells become more and more irregular, old or damaged cells still survive even when they should die according to a natural procedure, the same way new cells get a birth even they are not needed that time. These additional cells and their division further form growths called a tumor.

Stages of breast cancer:
A stage in cancer is, in fact, the level of the disease or its severity whether it’s an initial stage. How much it speeded in the peculiar part. It is also important to know the stage of cancer to choose the right treatment accordingly. According to a survey, 2,300 new cases of breast cancer in men and about 230,000 new cases in women have been reported each year. Breast cancer treatment relies on the classification of the stages.

How to identify breast cancer:

Do consult your doctor if you find these symptoms,
• Lump or so sort of swelling in the breast or the area near the breast or even underarms.
• Any change occurs in the size and shape of the breast.
• Any sort of hollowness on the breast.
• Any change in the shape of the nipple.
• Discharging of nipple other than milk.
• Swollen nipples or breasts are also signs you need to think about.

Procedures for breast cancer:
There are some specific procedures for breast cancer like,

1. Physical exam and history
2. Clinical exam of the breast
3. Mammogram
4. Ultrasound
5. MRI
6. Chemistry study of the blood
7. Biopsy

Decisions about treatment of breast cancer are based on these tests mentioned above. It actually determines,
• How much intense the cancer is.
• How quickly it can grow.
• What should be a possible treatment for the cancer
• What are the chances of reoccurrence of cancer

It is now necessary to mention the names of some of the tests,
1. Mamma Print
2. Oncotype DX
3. Multigene tests
4. Human epidermal growth factor type 2 receptor (HER2/neu) test.
5. Estrogen and progesterone receptor test

Outcomes of the result:
Outcomes of the result usually described as,
• Hormone receptor positive (estrogen and/or progesterone receptor positive) or hormone receptor negative (estrogen and/or progesterone receptor negative).
• HER2/neu positive or HER2/neu negative.
• Triple negative (estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and HER2/neu negative).

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