Nowadays, a number of women are suffering from low libido or lack of sex drive. Moreover, physical as well as psychological factors both play an important role in diminishing desire for intimate activities in women. Nevertheless, the desire for lovemaking naturally fluctuates over the years, which depends on beginning or end of relationship, major life changes, pregnancy, menopause, or illnesses. Nonetheless, some anti-depressants and anti-seizure medications can cause loss of libido in women. But, it is important to treat low libido in women, if recurrent lack of desire is causing personal distress or relationship problems. However, in today's modern world, there are some natural ways to increase women's desire for lovemaking. And, one of the immensely popular ways to treat low libido in women is usage of herbal supplement.

Nevertheless, it is very important to understand the causes of lack of sexual desire before moving forward towards natural ways to treat low libido in women. So, some of the leading causes of the lack of sex drive are mentioned below.

1. In today's busy lifestyle, it is likely to suffer from stress and fatigue, which is one of the major causes for loss of sexual desire in females. In addition, stress is a psychological problem that can make a female to refrain from intimate activities.

2. Relationship problems are one of the major culprits of low libido in women. In addition, emotional dissatisfaction with relationship can decrease suffering female's sexual appetite.

3. Depression is another psychological problem that occurs due to poor body image which can rob female's sex drive.

4. Underlying physiological problem can be the cause for declining libido in females, for example diabetes and thyroid problems.

5. Alcohol and tobacco can disturb hormonal balance in the body, which is very much responsible for loss of libido.

6. Some of the prescription medications can also reduce sex drive in females, for example anti-depressants.

7. Female's libido can be diminished by hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy, breast feeding, and menopause.

However, some of the tips are mentioned below that can help to treat low libido in women naturally.

1. Relaxation techniques play an important role in reducing stress and other psychological issues that are affecting the sexual appetite. For instance, deep breathing exercises are considered as one the most effective ways to treat both, stress and depression.

2. Avoiding habit of alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes can be helpful to treat low libido in women naturally.

3. Developing healthy habit of exercising is boon for entire body. Moreover, exercises improve blood flow and increases the efficiency of organs, due to this exercising is considered as a natural libido booster. Nevertheless, it is a healthy habit that can correct hormonal imbalance.

4. Eating nutritious foods is also essential for treating low libido in women naturally.

5. Usage of herbal supplements is one of the most effective treatment methods that can treat low libido in women naturally. In addition, herbal supplements such as Fantasy capsule or Kamni capsule are very beneficial for entire reproductive system. Also, they not only boost libido but also treat a number of problems, for example hormonal imbalance, vaginal dryness, infertility, and improve energy levels for more intensified lovemaking acts.

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