During a recent teleconference, I was asked, "Once you've taken the step of acquiring The NEW Think and Grow Rich, what's the next step? What's the best way to begin to implement the principles that you and Napoleon Hill teach in the book The NEW Think and Grow Rich?"

Well, I advised them to read that book dozens and dozens of times-to read it 'til you catch on fire. The day that you catch yourself on fire-because it has to be done by you-your life will change immensely for the better. Forever. Permanently.

It's a long-term gig you're involved in. Treat it like it's important. There are reasons why you didn't get this education in the school system. Look at history-the government has always preferred that the populace, the masses, be dumb, stupid, and controllable.

You don't have to live that way anymore. You can have the insight you want, but it's up to you individually.

So read that book. And you know what? The majority of people who buy the book read the Formula for Riches on page 6, and they think, "That's cool. I need to do that."

And they keep on reading until they finish the book, and they think they're done. But you haven't even begun if you don't have and aren't walking around with your specific goals, which include the specific manner that you're contributing on Earth. And you're making a good income, making the world better.

Here's what the emcee of the teleconference had to say about that:

No joke, I'm not kidding, folks, we've recommended books before-but I can tell you from personal experience the power of both the original Napoleon Hill version, but also, the incredible additions, the insights, the modernization that Ted has brought to the table make this book not only much more readable, but much more immediately applicable in your life, in your business.

And as you said, Ted, in the cosmic world of increasing where we live and where the people around us live, this is all very powerful for all of that.

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Ted Ciuba, "living legend" and bestselling author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, is one of the world's top human potential trainers. He helps people find, define, and actualize their passions to transmute their intangible desires into real money. To find out more about Ciuba, how he can help you, and to collect $297 worth of free gifts, visit http://www.HoloMagic.com