Some people humorously describe hemorrhoids as being a huge pain in the "you know what." This is because tender, swollen and at times itchy veins that are inflamed within your anus are very uncomfortable to have indeed. Any person is at risk of getting hemorrhoids. In fact, it is estimated that eighty percent of all people have at one time suffered from this common complaint. Although heredity plays some role, so do your diet and the personal care you take of yourself in determining who contracts this condition. Below are some few helpful ways of avoiding hemorrhoids as well as some cures for hemorrhoids to help relieve your discomfort in case they strike.

Steps to follow
First of all, you should avoid staying seated for long periods of time. Most hemorrhoids are the result of the straining that occurs during bowel movements. This strain causes the veins to swell up, and as such the straightforward logical remedy is stopping the strain. You should add more carrots, leafy greens, green beans, bran and apples to your diet, in addition to taking plenty of water. Fiber should help you by making the stools softer and therefore much easier to pass.
Secondly, take extra care to keep your bottom very clean indeed. Wipe it gently using toilet paper that is very soft, or using the newly available adult wipes. It may be worth noting that baby wipes are a good choice as well, since many types contain some aloe which heals abrasions and soothes the tender areas.

Another option is making a sitz bath using some epson salts and then soaking the affected area for a few minutes each day. You may also soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and then apply it onto the hemorrhoids themselves. Witch hazel is an effective cure for hemorrhoids as it causes the shrinking of those blood vessels, which reduces the hemorrhoids in terms of the size as well as discomfort.

Try as much as possible to resist the urge to scratch the itchy hemorrhoids. Any scratching may spread the infection. Try limiting what you eat, or alternatively you may try using witch hazel. Your diet plays a key role in determining how much your hemorrhoids itch. Some foods like cola, beer, coffee and some types of strong spices may cause irritation in the bowels when they pass through.

Finally, you should opt for natural hemorrhoids treatments as much as possible. Using horse chestnut to make a salve is an effective cure for hemorrhoids, as it soothes the inflamed hemorrhoids. This is a widely used natural remedy in Europe for shrinking varicose veins and managing hemorrhoids.

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