Ripped toenail is one kind of infected toenail. You may be a victim of injury and as a result you can find this infection in your toe. This mainly occurred in the big toe. This type of injury can give you pain and trouble when you are walking or running frequently. Bleeding and severe damage will be the last stage of ripped toenail. It looks like a minor injury but it is really not that much small if you don’t treat properly.

Various types of treatment are available for curing ripped toenail. You can have professional treatment under the doctor’s observation or you can manage home treatment by you. To take a step for the upcoming treatment is to find the depth of the damage. If the injury is very severe then you have to stop bleeding first. Toenail removal can be very painful but you have to give some time to stop the bleeding.

The next step is to clean the injury area. Use lukewarm water and can also mix mild sap to clean out all the impurities. Toenail infection can also be occurred if you will not conscious about the cleansing of this area. Carefully cleanse the whole area and all blood drops must be removed properly. By the way, this can cause of fungus in future.

Now, the time is to remove your toenail very consciously. This nail area must be observed very keenly and then use the nail clipper to help you to lift the nail from its bed. Scissor should be driven perfectly thus the undamaged nail not be cut. Carefully apart the torn part of the nail and then toenail removal will be completed accurately.

Use hydrogen peroxide to remove the germs and dirt from the wounded area after cutting nail. Let your nail on for a minute and look it bubbling. Keep it clean and wipe away with the gauze or band aid. After drying just apply some mild antiseptic cream on the wounded place. Sometimes the rest of the nail may be discolored due to the wound. You may find yellow toenails but don’t be afraid for it. It may happen due to low blood circulation.

Keep a light bandage around the toenail. Don’t touch water with your nail. The best way is to keep this bandage in your toe for 6 to 8 hours at least. Then, your toe will appear in its real color. Confirm the perfect blood circulation by let some lose in the tie of bandage. Apply ice on the wounded place to give relief the area. Your pain will be less than before. In grown toenails can also be treated like this way.

The last step is to remove the bandage. Here, you must be very careful when you are going to detach the tie from your nail. Serious pain and stickiness may found in this area. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to lose it. Make a mixture of Epsom salt mixing some amount of water with it. Let your feet down on the mixture. You can reapply the bandage for few hours to keep safe from further infected toenail.

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