Since ages males have practiced self-indulgence as an activity to satisfy their unfulfilled desires to mate, if practiced too much it has serious implications on health and person needs proper treatment for side effects of over masturbation. Though self-indulgence is not a natural way of satisfying mating desires but medically within healthy limits this act is considered as good for health. The reason behind this is that male body constantly produce semen after a male has achieved adulthood and by occasional masturbation old semen is discharged and body replaces it with a new lot. It is also considered as good for mental health as it works as safety valve and helps a male to release building pressure to mate and avoid frustration in absence of proper lovemaking opportunity.

But males generally lose control and start practicing it too frequently because it is very convenient and does not need and partner. When it is practiced quite regularly over a period of time it casts serious side effects on overall health. These side effects are very debilitating and depressing and can jeopardize a male's sexual life completely. But there are some effective treatments for side effects of over masturbation which can control the problem and cure damage and debility inflicted by its over practice effectively.

Males can develop many types of disorders by practicing over masturbation. Generally problems like ED, PE, low libido, involuntary ejaculation, frequent nightfall, poor semen quality, discharge of semen during urination etc are seen commonly amongst males practicing over masturbation. These problems occur as hand practice brings in changes in the body which are similar to those which occur in a male during lovemaking. Regular hand practice pushes reproductive system to perform again and again which puts lot of strain and weakens entire system.

It also puts lot strain on other organs like liver, blood carrying vessels and heart and causes deficiencies of some vital nutrients in the body which get wiped off by regular discharge of semen. Lack of nutrients in the body and weak organs like liver, heart and blood carrying vessels causes host of disorders related to reproductive system referred as side effects of over masturbation. If proper treatment for side effects of over masturbation is not taken these issue can make a male sexually inactive.

NF cure capsules, Shilajit and Mast mood oil are wonderful treatments for side effects of over masturbation. NF cure is made by using powerful and strong herbs which provide host of health benefits, these strengthen nervous system, reenergize reproductive system, increase muscle mass, improve stamina and power. Shilajit is renowned anti-ageing herb which can provide youthful energy, stamina and strength to a male and is powerful health and reproductive system rejuvenator.

This herb supplements the body with 85 different minerals and nutrients which cure all type of weaknesses and debility. Massage with Mast mood oil increase blood flow to genitals of a male and make nerves active and energetic, it also increase sensation and helps in getting quick and powerful erections on arousal. These treatments for side effects of over masturbation can cure all the disorders related to reproductive system and allow a male to enjoy his love-life to the fullest.

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