As with many medical conditions, you do have options and alternatives for treatment of fatty liver. Of course, the heaviest weighing factors in your course of treatment will be the root cause.

However, in addition to the actual cause of the fatty liver, your medical care provider will need to take into consideration any other medical conditions you might suffer from. Mixing medications can be harmful, so you must remind your doctor of all medications both over the counter and prescription you are currently taking.

Obesity has been linked as one of the causes of fatty liver disease. If your doctor has informed you that your weight might very well be the root cause for you, weight loss is definitely going to be in your plan for the treatment of fatty liver. To lose the weight, it is important that you are eating a healthy well balanced diet and exercising regularly. Here are a few tips for you to begin losing weight:

1. Reduce the fat intake in your diet.

2. Eliminate high sugar beverages.

3. Increase fresh vegetables, especially greens.

4. Avoid fried foods.

5. Read the labels and whenever possible prepare your own meals so you know exactly what you are eating.

6. Gradually increase your levels of physical exercise.

7. Completely eliminate your diet of all alcoholic beverages.

Reducing your fat intake, is obviously healthy. In general, you should try to reduce your calorie intake by about 500 calories per day. This might seem like a lot, but in reality this could be a few cups of coffee, a snack or two and smaller portions on your meals. When you look at the picture in its entirety, you can see this is a small sacrifice for your overall health to flourish.

Prior to increasing your physical activity as part of your treatment of fatty liver you need to consult your doctor. In some situations, when an underlying medical condition does not allow you to safely increase your physical activity your doctor will need to determine a safe method for you to take advantage of.

It is possible your doctor will recommend physical therapy to assist you in increase physical activity and assist you in burning calories to lose the weight needed to increase your health.

Never make any modifications to your lifestyle without the approval of your medical care provider. He or she understands your medical conditions and will know exactly what is safe for you and what could cause more harm to other conditions.

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Alvin Hopkinson is a leading natural health educator. Fatty Liver Disease is reversible. Discover how you can reverse the condition using proven and effective fatty liver treatment, all without using harmful and expensive medications. People who read this article also read: Treating Fatty Liver