Herbal remedies have become popular due to their efficiency and low price. Using herbs may delay hair loss and have beneficial effects of hormonal activity. They can be used as supplements to promote hair growth, stimulate and nourish hair follicles and scalp and to make it healthier.

Herbs are known as an effective treatment for those who suffer from hair loss because they are natural treatments and therefore safe and without side effects. The best way to improve the health of hair is the use of many herbs at the same time to accumulate their positive effect and accelerate their treatment results.

In some cases, the use of plants and herbs is inevitable to promote the hair growth, fight its loss, and make it more resistant to external factors. This contributes to the reduction of hair loss and to stimulate the hair growth and give it more volume. More about herbs and the ones my momma used to help get her back will be discussed in upcoming articles.

Next article begins the series….MOMMA GETS HER HAIR BACK!!!!
And what was one of the things she did, switch to a hard-to-find shampoo (a shampoo without sneaky chemicals and fragrance-free) which she found at

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