Many of us know that strawberries are very useful for our body as it contains a big amount of anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-neurodegenerative properties. It is a best natural alternative against the western medicine.
But sometimes persons eating strawberries may suffer from severe strawberry allergy symptoms. You may suffer from strawberry allergy symptoms which may be visible on your skin. Strawberry allergic may develop red blotches on the skin like hives along with the combination of itching. The allergic may suffer from skin rashes or it may be eczema. Strawberry allergy symptom is also related with the swelling of fingers as well as facial region which are associated with itchy and watery eyes as well as congested and runny nose.
Strawberry allergy may affect our gastrointestinal system which includes some of the common symptoms like vomiting, nausea and general upset of stomach. These main gastrointestinal symptoms are associated with some other symptoms like abdominal swelling, diarrhea, abdominal pain and abdominal cramps.
Strawberry allergy may also affect our Respiratory system and this symptom is the most dangerous sign and symptom of strawberry allergy. Respiratory problem due to strawberry allergy may occur within few minutes and few hours of eating strawberry or strawberry product. These symptoms include difficulty in breathing or breathing with the combination of wheezing sound and also tightening of a chest. Sometimes allergic person may suffer from chest pain also. Sometimes the allergic symptoms are too severe and a strawberry allergic may suffer from the symptoms of dizziness, rapid pulse, fainting, sudden drop in the level of blood pressure and also loss of awareness. If you feel any of these types of symptoms while eating or after eating strawberry then you must rush immediately to doctor in order to seek proper medical help.
In order to overcome from the strawberry allergy symptoms, there are some of the important strawberry allergy treatments. They are:
• If you are suffering from any eye problem then you can make use of some eye drops.
• Make use of nasal sprays and topical steroids to overcome from the symptoms of strawberry allergy.
• If due to allergy, you are suffering from asthma then you can take the help of inhaler.
• In order to moderate the allergic symptoms affecting skin and respiratory system, you can take oral steroids.
• In some severe cases of strawberry allergy, you may have to take the help of hospitalization.

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