Hemorrhoids, both internal and external, are perianal varicose veins. This means that hemorrhoids are blood vessels in the internal and external anal tissue that have swollen due to being over-strained by fecal matter that have less moisture than the normal or due to prolonged pressure on the veins caused by the increased in fecal matter in the rectal pouch. Repeated pressure will lead to the breakage of the veins causing the hemorrhoids
to bleed.

1. Treating Bleeding External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids occur when the veins found in the external anal tissue get swollen. Bleeding occurs when the tissue is torn causing external anal fissures from too much strain from constipated fecal matter. The bleeding is external when blood is discovered on toilet tissues after fecal excretion.

This type of hemorrhoid is painful causing discomfort to the afflicted person. Initial treatment is to get some ice, wrap it with cloth, and apply on the affected area to relieve pain and stop the bleeding. This is usually preceded by a warm sitz bath to further relief from discomfort from the hemorrhoid. Topical creams are also available to treat the swollen tissue.

2. Treating Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids could lead to internal anal fissures when the swollen tissue is torn due to severe strain from constipated fecal matter. However, despite the internal wound does not cause pain nor discomfort due to the absence of nerve endings.

The bleeding is internal when fecal matter is excreted with blood patches without experiencing pain. Treating this type of hemorrhoid requires increase in intake of dietary fiber and fluids such as water. Fiber supplements could be prescribed to hasten the increase in fiber to soften fecal matter.

3. Treatment for Both

Since hemorrhoids are inflamed blood vessels drugs that are anti-inflammatory and not steroidal are also treatment options. Such drugs are naproxen and ibuprofen and can be bought without prescriptions from doctors.

Hemorrhoids, both internal and external, normal heal naturally over time. Bleeding hemorrhoids could also heal naturally. Common treatments are done to hasten the process and prevent complications caused by pain and discomfort and prolonged exposure of the swollen tissues from constipated feces.

For more severe conditions, medical treatment could be needed. This could include surgical treatments such as Botox injections, cryosurgery where hemorrhoid is frozen to cause necrosis on the tissue that was affected, laser which burns the hemorrhoid off, and ligation which is the most common surgical treatment.

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