India has the most wonderful crown on its northern part which is the Himalayas. Himalayas, the greatest mountain series in Asia is packed with many ecstasies. Right from blizzard filled peaks to the steeper valleys and the never finish lush greeneries along the terraces complemented with the rocky paths, the Himalayas brings the best choice for a exciting visit to its vast ranges spread at different areas of India, Nepal and Bhutan and trekking could be the best part for exploring these amazements in the valleys.

The Himalayan routes are well-known for attracting a large number of trekkers. Usually trekking regions in Nepal are Annapurna, Dolpo, Langtang, Manaslu, and Mount Everest. Other well-liked trekking routes in India contain Chandra Taal, Gomukh, Hemkund, Kafni Glacier, Kangchenjunga, Kedarnath, Kedartal, Milam Glacier, Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Pindari Glacier, Richenpong, Roopkund, Sar Pass, Satopanth Tal, Saurkundi Pass, Singalila Ridge, and Valley of Flowers.
The Himalayas has been the best choice for trekking in India and is the neighboring part of exploring the rocky and unfamiliar ways through it. The Himalayan ranges offer different trekking routes at its different wonderful locations for a complete excited experience. There are many places like-

Chandrashila Snow Trek
The entire trek is part of the Kedarnath wildlife shelter, passing through old-fashioned villages, rhododendron forest, alpine meadows, pristine lake (Deoria Tal) and offer panoramic view of snow capped peaks.

Nandi Kund
A turquoise half-circular lake intensely laid inside crib of all those powerful brown peaks! The lake was a full circle even a decade ago, but a hostile collide had taken half of it. It was so calm an surroundings! On one bank, there was a tiny rock-made temple of Devi Nanda.

Kedar Tal Trek
You would stand there stationary, amazed for hours for the beauty of Kedar Tal will be like gathering your dearly loved, enthralled by her beauty. I would be shocked if you do not say to yourself, is this for real or am I dreaming.

The Himalayas which is holy with frequent magnificent mountain peaks where Mount Everest is the highest among them; offer different trekking opportunities. These trekking will take you to the dissimilar ranges and regions of Himalayan altitudes as well as the treks of Garhwal, Ladakh, Sikkim, Himachal, Kumaon and Jammu & Kashmir (Leh Ladakh) and amongst these options making your choice of India trekking tour can really be hard, since you will find abundant of trekking routes and options and your needs will really receive a boon.

Come and travel around the agitating part of your life while discovering rocky beauty and haughty ranges through mountaineering and trekking tours and be the most charming part of the vast beauty of the Himalayas.

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