Trekking in Nepal, the ultimate paradise

Trekking in Nepal, the ultimate paradise is a once in a lifetime experience definitely not to be missed. Nepal being culturally rich is a paradise for adventure seekers offering anyone with diverse aspects of adventure. Despite being a small country the baffling fact about Nepal is that the amount of adventure prospect it puts forth before us is miraculous which no other small country could offer. The elevation variation ranges from 59 m/193 Ft above sea level to 8848m / 29028 Ft above sea level. Extraordinarily, you can experience the change in the temperature from hot to extreme chill within a short span of time. Moreover, you can experience the terrain variation from lush tropical region to infertile alpine to the driest desert. However, the most astonishing thing is, all this happens within the distance of 800km length and 200km diameter.

Trekking in Nepal encompasses walking into the legendary trails of Nepal with vibrant hills and sky rocketing snow clad mountains, deep gorges and cultural villages is earnestly away from the world and it is an inception to the life changing prospect. Several times Nepal has succeeded being as ‘The World’s Best Trekking Destination”. Lonely Plant has crowned Nepal as worlds ‘best value destination’ for 2017.

Nepal is literally an adventure playground where trekking variation from subtropical to desert to alpine is a phenomenal experience. People are of the notion that trekking in Nepal is of grave concern that involves grueling workout and challenging physical groundwork due to its terrain formation. The truth is Nepal has scores of effortless foothill treks for the beginners to start with, that equivalently offers alike fascination with cultural villages and magnanimous mountain views unlike anything else on Earth. Walk on time-honored trekking trials through traditional settlements, ancient terraced fields, emerald forests and Himalayan pastureland with the backdrop of awe-inspiring majestic mountains as a crucial part of your trekking is out of the ordinary.

Trekking in Nepal offers you so much selections that’s the reason why there’s a saying ‘Once is Not Enough’. For the convenience of shelter from infrequent harsh weather, food and warmth tea houses (trekking lodges) are built almost every trekking destination of Nepal. After the hard days walk anyone have the privilege to relish in one of these cozy tea houses which are a home far away from home. It’s not that the old days of camping and being in the nature away from civilization is gone. However, even in such advancement of trails and accommodation facility anyone can do camping trekking in any destination. Furthermore, there are still sufficient trekking destinations which are yet to be explored and unlock to the tourism world. And some of these hidden valleys are still very untouched by the civilizations which are less trodden and very few still enjoy doing camping treks.

This tiny country has so much to offer in the sphere of trekking and hiking. From trekking in the effortless foothills which anyone of any age group can join, anybody has an option to go extreme to experience the worst of chill condition into thin air. Trekkers from around the world start trekking from as below as 600m elevation to as high as 5545m and above. From bush walking in the low lands to life-demanding expedition is what this country has to offer. Be it of who you are or where you are from, Nepal has a piece of pie for everyone o

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