What Is Trello?

Understanding Trello is a piece of cake. Imagine you are standing in front of a board with a lot of sticky notes with many important information on it. Moreover, it also includes the sight of showing what people are working on and who they're working with. Trello is, in short, a big whiteboard with lots of important attachments, notes, and documents that needs to be completed. Trello also allows you to access this tool from your smart phones or computers, so that you can have your task done wherever you go in an organized and simple manner.

What Is Jira?

In someway,Jira is also the same as Trello. But there are a few things which makes the two of them different from one another. Jira is a more accurate way to handle the workflow and the daily tasks that one has to perform. This tool has a lot of options for project management and also to track the bug that may or may not infect the tool. Jira can help manage content in a much effective manner.

Pros of Trello:

The pros of Trello are mentioned below:

  • Trello allows people to organize their projects and manage the tasks in a cloud-based tool.
  • Trello also contains a lot of different boards for the purpose of making a list of each task.
  • It allows a cleaner way of completing the tasks without mixing them up.
  • It helps people to invite as many people as they want to corporate on the same board.
  • Group tasks and teamwork is made easier with this tool.
  • People are free to plan whatever seems fit to them.
  • They can also handover the cards to any user that concerns it.
  • In Trello, everything goes on according to their liking and convenience.

Pros of Jira:

The pros of Jira are mentioned below:

  • Jira also allows the task management facility like Trello, but it allows the work with the workflows.
  • Such kind of workflows help the people using the app release software.
  • It also allows for the team to collaborate for various issues.
  • Jira also provides tools for the users to help with their assignments and projects.
  • It also allows the users to communicate with each other and share files. It allows users to organize the tasks and projects easily and without any hassle.
  • It also provides built-in templates for workflows.
  • It allows the users to customize their workflow templates.


Now that we have both the tools in front of us, it is time to come to a conclusion. Both the tools are almost the same because their task is to make plans and arrange a platform which allows more than one people to collaborate and work together. Both the tools contain various facilities and features to help people manage their tasks. So in this Trello vs. Jira contest, both of them are very useful in planning your projects so it’s basically a tie between the two of them.

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