Since the dawn of time, Bodybuilders and athletes alike have sought new and improved ways to reach their peak condition, and chemical additives like steroids have been around since the fifties – even before then. Most of them have original medicinal purposes but were quickly adapted into a useable format for athletics, once the secondary bonuses of such medications were discovered. Unfortunately, many of them had horrendous adverse affects on the body, and as a result, many of these chemical aids have since been banned either legally or in the world of competitive sport.

Trenbolone (sometimes called Trenabol) is one such steroid that can still be bought on the black market. Originally intended as a veterinarians tool to boost muscle growth in livestock and other animals, this drug was never properly marketed for human consumption – and that should really tell the average health conscious human being all that they need to know. It is also known to increase mineral absorption and the efficiency with which the body retains and uses food... although again, these benefits were supposed to be geared towards veterinary medicine. There were trials to adapt the steroid to human use, but it never made it to market. Possession of this drug in America and Australia will get you arrested, and it is banned in numerous other countries throughout the world.

As an Anabolic – Androgenic steroid Trebolone has some pretty serious side effects, including: acne, stretch marks, oily skin, breast enlargement, prostate cancer, testicular atrophy and erectile dysfunction... not to mention a whole host of other horrible problems and diseases. Fortunately; ever since the steroid was first created scientists have been working on something that has the same benefits without all of the negative contributions – and there are alternatives out there... which is great news for all you Bodybuilders out there.

As mentioned in, Trenerol is one such safe and healthy alternative. It is a pre-workout booster that will help maximise energy and gains and will condition your physique so that you reach your peak physique- faster. When you are free to work your body without dragging down your health by using steroids, you are able to achieve your body goals faster. Trenorol uses natural ingredients like Nettle Leaf Extract and Inner Bark to help with your cutting and bulking cycles, but it won't leave you hospitalised like a steroid might.

So, if given the choice between a natural and plant based alternative and the real live steroid, which would you choose? There really isn't much of a comparison; not to those who care about their bodies as much as they say they do. Trenerol is a safe and natural alternative to a product that might ultimately lead to heart failure, and that was never branded as safe for human consumption in the first place! Don't be a fool and don't fall for the hype. Never use steroids, go for great gains the natural way and stay safe out there.

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