Fashion is something which never has and never will be confined to things like national borders or large oceans. A fashion trend in one country might even soon spread to a country which lies on the other side of the globe. A good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from. While this is true in any field, this is relevant for fashion trends also. Our good old American denim can be seen in most of the countries of the world. Similarly, you can see a saree or kimono quite frequently in the western world as well. Korea has been one of the countries that influence the fashion world a lot in the recent times. Even though some of the trends might not be exactly fit for people in the Americas, every once in a while they come up with a trend that is not only applicable here, but is highly practical and beautiful as well. One such trend is temporary eyebrow tattoos that help you get the best natural looking eyebrows every single day. Temporary eyebrow tattoos are based on the same principle as the temporary tattoos that have been quite a popular. The false eyebrows are made of natural organic pigments which make them very safe to use. They take the guesswork out of the whole eyebrow equation. They are very easy to apply by yourselves and leave you with stunning eyebrows every single day. They come in different shades and shapes and you are free to change them as you see fit. They are waterproof and dustproof and give best natural looking eyebrows, letting you have the peace of mind like you are not wearing fake eyebrows at all. They are very reasonably priced and offer the best value for money. This makes temporary eyebrow tattoos the ideal replacement eyebrows.

Though there are other solutions available in the market today for balding eyebrows, none quite measures against the benefits offered by temporary eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow powders are quite common but they are quite delicate and the user needs to be extra careful when wearing them. A little bit of physical stress or water can wash them off completely. Also, it takes a lot of effort and time to get good natural looking eyebrows with their help. For more permanent solutions people used to go for permanent eyebrow tattoos. Not only are they quite costly, they also require a permanent commitment from the user which is quite hard to give in today’s world where you don’t know what fashion trends may arise and when. Micro beading and semi-permanent tattoos are also quite popular today. These also suffer from being very costly and you are stuck with the design for almost two years, which takes away from your freedom of choice of what you may want your eyebrows to be like in the future.

It can clearly be seen that no other eyebrow solution matches the type of flexibility that temporary eyebrow tattoos offer while also looking totally natural and beautiful. And if you are worried about where to get these from, fret not. Our homegrown proud American company BEAUTY-FULL-BROWS was one of the pioneers in the field. Not only do they offer temporary eyebrow tattoos in many different natural looking shapes and colours, they are also approved by the FDA and are highly affordable to boot. Head over to their site to see that fake eyebrow don’t need to look unnatural and unsightly.

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Peter Koy is a leading blogger and writer in makeup and beauty technologies.