Whenever there’s a celebration on- the first thing every party organiser aims for is to make it a memorable one! Be it birthdays, corporate events or even social celebratory episodes, they always want to make it the talk-of-the-town.


One effective medium by which they can add more life into their celebration is via incorporating a party booth arrangement. It is a  dominant trend employed for a variety of events. And the best part is one will also find some agencies offering a variety of these arrangements in the form of:-



Each of these arrangements has its own unique feature, and when added to your event, they can raise the fun quotient by several notches.


That brings to the crucial point of discussion-


Are you looking for downright entertaining photo booth arrangements for the planned event?” If so, then here are three options to check out.


  1. The Standard Photo Booth Package:-


If the event is planned for a good 2-3 hours, then one photo booth arrangement in Sydney to go for is this standard 3-hour package.


A Look Into Its Specs & Inclusions:-


  • Duration is for 3-hours
  • Unlimited photo sessions for every guest in the event
  • The inclusion of both open booths and enclosed booths.
  • Inclusion of a collection of premium quality props, backdrops, wigs and other fun elements to use in photos.
  • Digital photo copies both in CD and DVD formats.
  • Unlimited photo prints both in colour and black-white.


  1. The Unlimited Photo Booth Package:-


This is another top-shelf photo booth hire package in Sydney that party planners are going ga-ga over! This package is offered for 4-5 hours, with the possibility of chargeable extension.


The Stellar Specs Of This Arrangement Includes:-


  • Unending photo sessions, thus allowing every participant being out their wild creative side.
  • The inclusion of both open and enclosed photo booth arrangements.
  • Cordial and smiling pixie photo coordinators
  • Automated photo booth set-up
  • Top-range of premium props, costumes, wigs, moustache and other elements to make those pictures wacky yet fun.
  • Duplicate photo strips and digital copies of pictures in both CDs and DVDs.
  • Premium quality prints both in colour and black and white.
  • GIF animations for every single photo session.
  • Customised logo additions.
  • Free set up of bollards and freedom to choose and even customise your photo backdrops.


  • And Super Photo Booth Package Arrangement:-


These packages generally are hired for 4 fun-filled hours with the scope of extending the time for an additional cost.


The Package Incorporates:-


  • Unlimited photo sessions
  • Both open and closed photo booth arrangements
  • Pixie photo booth assistance
  • A fully automated photo booth set-up
  • Duplicate photo strips and digital copies of all photos in CDS and DVDs.
  • Inclusion of a wide array of superior quality props, wigs and fun-evoking costumes.
  • Premium backdrop set-ups with quality bollards.
  • Wonderful collection of animated GIF’s, numerous filter, customisation of logo and email, Facebook, Twitter photo-sharing options.


However, subtractions and additions may vary among companies. However, if one wishes to make their celebration memorable, this is one of the most favoured packages to do it.


So, there they are- the top trending photo booth rental packages to add to one celebratory episode. Look up for these packages online. They are the key to making the given event, a smash-hit!

Author's Bio: 

The author runs an agency specialising in photo booth arrangement in Sydneyfor all sorts of business. The author also educates the readers on top-shelf photo booth hire package in Sydney that make party planners go going ga-ga.