What's JuicyFields.io?

JuicyFields Crowdgrowing platform is really just a solution built to decipher the global cannabis monopoly.  Crowd growing with JuicyFields lets anyone to lawfully grow cannabis and get paid an income out of it. We deliver such people and licensed growers across the globe jointly. Please Visit https://juicyfields.io/

Cannabis Crowdgrowing Platform in Europe:

"By 2028, we gauge that the European recreational cannabis economy will likely probably soon be worth $65 billion.  Brand new products, supply, and distribution channels have further improved cannabis ingestion and presence during Europe throughout the previous ten decades," the report says. Like a continent, legislation is currently examining cannabis and CDB products.  As states start to embrace cannabis legislation, nevertheless, the advantages of a market will grow noticeable, in turn, light on the allure and opportunity of an industry. Employment chances, crime reduction, and potential gains in taxation revenue are typical"key driving forces for the founding of an authorized recreational cannabis economy in Europe."

Earn Money With New Ways JuicyFields :

JuicyFields is authorized to cultivate up to ten hectares of THC-dominant strains and an unlimited surface of CBD-dominant breeds in Colombia.  The company and spouses that are licensed collaborate only, and its pros have the wisdom and skill necessary to develop cannabis in full compliance with all Colombia's agricultural standards.  Juicy Fields' system helps to ensure that every plant advantages of the proper light, irrigation, and air exchange circuits it has to produce 2 -- 4 harvests each year.


Interest in CBD products and clinical cannabis high keeps growing exponentially in Europe: 

The increasing quantity of all EU patients is way exceeding the volume of cannabis available.  Bureaucratic difficulties in each EU country has hindered progress so far, as compared, 12 US States has legalized marijuana for use, from the EU, Luxembourg will become the first fully legalized member condition in 2020 for several types of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal usage.Now there was a lot of bureaucracy and high costs in licenses and legal fees - all of this has generated increased interest in cannabis industry models that are simplified.  


What current industry place rewards does JuicyFields have from the crowdfunding distance that conventional platforms can not provide?  We have joined a growing and crowdfunding combined model. We provide long term connections, they are always better than the usual deal arrangement.  Our members obtain income for 3-4-5 years.  

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