Yeah, I am sick to death of this pandemic too. We have moved beyond the financial difficulties, inconvenience and yes, of course, isolated disasters of this to annoyance from having to constantly think about and hear about it. I tired of writing about it, and you are tired of reading about it. Unfortunately, we aren’t out of the woods yet, and we probably won’t be for a while. Justifiably, in fact, we will probably be in some form of informal lockdown for a while yet, because everybody is terrified, and I would rather everyone be terrified so that we avoid this again, then become complacent once more and this happen again in your future.

Truth be told, I try to look on the bright side of everything, and in many cases that comes in the form of learning from mistakes, which is definitely a thing here. However, another bright side is that we have made a 20 year leap in adoption of digital technology. This includes things like telecommuting finally being accepted, a reduction of emphasis on physical classrooms which were never a good idea to begin with, and online shopping for pretty much everything. Avoiding crowds and flippancy are also a lesson to be learned but, when it comes to triathlon training plan, what do you do when you can’t go to the gym, and you can’t really meet up safely to work out together? What is a coach to do, how is teambuilding to be done, how is everyone to be on the same page?

Triathlon training plans and the pandemic are actually as difficult as you might think, however. All you need is some modern technology, and yes, with that, you can use the digital solution just as you would with other challenges in your life right now. All you need is a basic biometric smart watch, or smart phone and a coaching at the base around triathletes or the like.

The important thing to consider is making sure that this app is compatible with both android and iOS, because users of one will not switch to the other. The smart watch will record very green and precise physical and biometric data, and this can provide coaches with a lot of more precise insight than they could’ve gotten otherwise, and various recordings can be made for virtual races and other comparative things to make sure everyone is on the same. With VoIP stuff and for GR 5G data, it is possible to even run and work out together, while being independent with choices of venues and people being able to easily schedule their workouts without having to be on the same page there.

You may think, but what about the gym? You never needed those anyhow, going out and exercising in nature and using practical at-home exercises work just as well, and the gym always soft anyhow, admit it.

So, triathlon training plans are more than possible, it just takes a little bit of intuition and finding better ways to implement modern solutions.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.