The popularity of competing in triathlons has grown over the last decade and the hardest single day competition currently is the ironman triathlon with a swim of 2.4 miles, a ride of 112 miles and a run of 26.2 miles. It attracts athletes for many reasons, the challenge, the three different events, but it is not easy, even the sprint, the quickest triathlon takes preparation and ideally a good triathlon coach.

Triathlons are more complicated than other races

There is so much more to learn when it comes to triathlon racing after you have three sports to master as well as your fitness and strength to build. Even if you are already good at one of them you have two others to work on. Cycling heavily relies on great technique so even if you believe you have strong legs, you need to learn and practice technique and efficient pedalling. You also need to learn how to conserve some energy for the run afterwards. Swimming is another sport that needs outstanding technique. Investing in triathlon coaching is a great way to have someone make sure you learn the best body alignment, hand entry and hip position. Even small improvements can improve your performance.

You need to be organized

Organization is important when you train for triathlons. There is a lot of planning in terms of practicing all the sports and there is a lot of gear to manage and maintain. It is a juggle to also have a balanced family life and get to work each day as well as plan all the details from your workouts to your equipment and your diet. When you have a triathlon coach this is made easier because they carry some of that organization and planning load. This gives you a better experience in the sport, in your training and your personal life.

Athletes need to stay motivated

Motivation is hard to maintain when you are on your own. At some time other things will take your focus away and sometimes when that happens it is hard to return with the same focus. With an experienced coach you have someone who knows motivation is something they will need to help you with. They can look at and even predict points where your focus will be better, and where it might drop and so can plan to keep you on course through that.

Injury prevention is essential

When you are doing something as hard as a triathlon it is easy to push too hard or get something wrong in one of your techniques and then suffer through an injury. Some of those injuries are preventable though for coaches who have personal experience, understand biomechanics and can create training plans that help you build strength without injury. With triathlon coaching, you can also get advice on the best shoes, riding positions, saddle adjustments and so on so that you can avoid situations that might cause injuries.

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