Triathlons are a great way to improve your physical and mental health, whilst they are very hard work, they are well worth it, reaping plenty of benefits.

  1. Planning

When you are preparing to take part in a triathlon it is important that you have a triathlon training plan. This is important because such a long even can be quite tough on the body. Triathon training plans are focussed on increasing your health and stamina so that you can effectively perform in the event.  Triathlons are very focussed on the body but also need the use of your mind as well.

It is important to work on all aspects of a triathlon, the cycling, running and swimming. Having a triathlon training plan will increase the likelihood of you performing well and will also help you to train at a comfortable pace.

  1. Training

One you have looked through triathlon training plans and found one that suits you it is important to stick to it and not deviate, even if you feel that you are ready. Training plans are intentionally developed so you can make slow but sure progress. They focus separately on different areas, from cycling to running or swimming, with a variation of exercises to do, the training plan will have you prepared in no time.

It is important that you do train for a triathlon as it is an event that is very demanding on the body, you need to gradually get your body used to such activities otherwise you can make yourself feel ill.

  1. Benefits of Exercise

Whether you’re physically fit already or there is room for improvement, exercise is incredibly good for you. Your body releases hormones which create a happy feeling when you exercise, this is why people say exercise always makes you feel good afterwards.

Whilst training for a triathlon your body will improve drastically in terms of fitness levels and stamina. Regular exercise also helps to strengthen and tone muscles giving for a more slim or muscular appearance.

Exercise is very good for the mind as not only does it work as a distraction but it helps to clear the mind and get out any unwanted aggression. Exercise is a great way to boost your mental health and in turn make your body stronger and healthier. For people with high blood pressure exercise can help to lower this and vastly improve the cardiovascular system. Training for a prolonged period of time will help you to become independent and increase your motivation and productivity levels.

  1. Safety

It is important to always remember that your body does have a limit, a trainer or coach will be able to help you to determine your maximum heart rate that you should reach right from the beginning to ensure that you have a fun but safe experience with your triathlon. It is crucial to have a medical before signing up to such an event just to be sure that you don’t have any underlying medical conditions which could be compromised by undertaking a lot of exercise.

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