Every fitness lover loves the idea about tricep exercise because the end result is getting a strong set of arms. However, in order to fulfill these strongmen dreams, more and more men are heading towards the gym to do various tricep exercises. Most people believe that biceps are the best way to get stronger arms but it is only half of the truth. When you do the biceps you can gain only the mass in forearm and you have weaker triceps. If you want to build monster arms, you need to follow the Tricep exercise in your fitness routine. Here, you can know about the lightly. Tricep exercise that helps you in a great way.

Tricep Exercise for Stronger Arms

Tricep Dips

tricep dips for stronger triceps

These dips are a Tricep exercise. which is to be performed at the beginning to warm up the triceps. Also, you can do it at the end of the exercise when you have the muscle strength to complete your Tricep workout. You will be working with a drips bar to work out the triceps in which you should not move down parallel to the bar. Finally, place your elbows at a 90-degree angle and it should be closer to your body throughout the exercise. Thus, you can work out the Tricep dips as 3 set with 20 repetitions.

Tricep Extension

defined triceps with tricep extension

The Tricep extension exercise. is done with the help of Tricep cable machine which is available in the gym. Besides, in this Tricep cable machine, you can hold a rope, a straight bar or V-bar and you have to move your elbows in the same position. Thus, you will be at the standing position and get pressured in the triceps by taking the bar up to the top. Then you will be bringing the bar down by focusing on the rope and continue as required.

Skull crushers

skull crushers with E-Z bar curl

You must do this skull crusher tricep exercise with a specific level of caution and it is not like other triceps. In this skull crusher exercise you need to start the session by holding an EZ bar with a firm grip. Now, lift the bar towards up in a straight position and your arms should be perpendicular to the floor when you lie on a bench. However, you have to place your upper arms stable and can bring the bar down with the help of elbows. Then you can make a pause with the bar when it is above your forehead. You can stay in this position for a few seconds and can lift the bar back to the original position. Now, you can follow this repetition 12 times as three sets.

Close Grip Bench Press

close grip bench press exercise

The Close Grip Bench Press is another type of tricep exercise which can train your other body parts also. Lie on a bench and start the exercise by holding the barbell in your hands together. Lift the barbell bar above with your arms straight and stay for few seconds before bringing the bar down. Then return to the original position with the bar and it can be continued as 10 repetitions for four sets.

Thus, these are the effective tricep exercise which can give you hand to achieve your dream triceps.

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