A subject is difficult if we do not understand its features and its raison d’être. Learning is hard when you do not understand why you need to study the subject. One of the reasons for the biggest obstacle in learning is that we fear the unknown. For instance Chemistry when taught is looked upon with fear because of the way it is perceived rather than the subject per se. There are some tips you need to keep in mind as a learner regarding Chemistry. You need to perceive Chemistry as an opportunity beyond itself instead of looking at it as a hurdle to overcome. Many adults regret not having given some of these fascinating subjects due attention.

When you work with some problems in Chemistry you need to keep a golden rule in mind. First try and be original in your approach to a problem. Do not copy someone else’s work because even if it may seem the easy way out in the long run you are missing out on learning. Try and solve the problem yourself. Your individual approach is the best approach for you. Then do not worry about getting the right answers. As the spider fails many times before weaving its web you need to make mistakes to eventually learn. We can observe nature and take a leaf out of the fact that mistakes give way to the light of knowledge. Then remember that when your tutor explains to you an example and you are able to follow it you still need to work out problems afresh because problems are unique. The application of knowledge tends to require creative thinking as well. Creative thinking can be developed by working out your own methodology. Creativity cannot be predicted and neither can “difficult” problems.

Online tutoring is based on the principle of lively interaction with the student and inviting different perspectives on a given problem. Discussion and brain storming are the keys to solving problems creatively. You can consult the examples if you are stuck and your tutor will always be there to clarify your doubts. Read your study material carefully to highlight the points that you have difficulty understanding. By combining online media with study material you will yourself become aware of how much knowledge you have gained. Mastering Chemistry requires comfort with the text as well as knowledge of how to apply principles. Any experience or sensation can be brought down to Chemistry. Enjoy the subject that reveals to you mysteries of everything from healthcare products to life.

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