we can follow a series of tricks for the iPhone to operate more smoothly. Like these:

1 Clear space

Every operating system needs air to breathe. So if you want your iPhone to work best, try to delete those applications you no longer use ( iOS 11 even has an option and this works automatically), reviews the large files (in your library as in section storage iPhone Settings , which lets you delete large files sent and received through WhatsApp or application message) or use an app like PhoneClean , which eliminates caches and also manages the heaviest files you have stored on your mobile.

2 Restart your device

It is not a miraculous operation, but it can serve to 'clear' the memory of your device and make internal processes work faster that are consuming energy and capacity of the RAM. To do this, press the Home button and the lock button for several seconds until you see the logo of Apple. you can also reset ipad without password

3 Close background apps

You may have many applications running in the background, which penalizes the performance of the device. To see what is currently in that state, double - click on the start button, remember here as it does on the iPhone X, and eliminates one by one that is open . Just slide up.

4 Resets settings or restore

A step beyond the restart. This way your iPhone will be like new but you will not lose any photos or files you have stored on it. You have two options, do a restore from a backup, or the most drastic, clear your iPhone and iPad and set it as a new device . Have it clear, yes, you will lose all data.

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