Automating your gate is a smart move, nevertheless!! It helps to make moving in and out pretty seamless and adds an extra security blanket to your home. However, to ensure that happens, you need to ensure the motor of your sliding gate is in the pink of health and condition at any given point in time. Indeed, it is your call to maintain them properly, so as to optimise the performance of your sliding gate. 

On this page, we discuss the steps needed to take to maintain the motor of the electric sliding gates to optimise the performance. 

Keeping the Gate Rail Clean 

The mainstay of the functionality of these sliding gates is the metal rail on which the mobility of the gate is restricted. That is the reason, you need to make sure that the rail is clear of debris and is uniform, and properly lubricated to ensure agility of the back and forth movement of the gate. As bumpy and undulating roads put extra pressure on the motor of your vehicle it is the same in case of these sliding gates. Thus, when you keep the track uniform, clear, and properly oiled, it ensures an effortless movement of the gate, with the motor not having to exert extra pressure to move the gate. 

Checking the Battery Conditions

Since the entire mechanism of a sliding gate is powered by battery, it is imperative to check the condition of the battery periodically. As a thumb rule, it is ideal to check the lead of the batter and its terminals once in every month, to see if there is any build-up of the corrosive elements. If so, the batteries need to clean up immediately, to ensure that the battery is able to provide optimal power to the motor that in turn helps the gate to function to its fullest potential. 

Checking the Lubrication Level

Like any other mechanical system, the gate motor also comes up with an internal gear set that needs periodic lubrication, which prevents the wear and tear of the parts that move when the motor functions. Thus, you need to have the motor properly lubricated, given the fact that the motor remains almost exposed to elements 24x7. The too hot and dry climate tends to dry up the lubricant much faster, thus raising the need for regular lubrication, which optimises the movement of the gate. 

Protect the motor from unwanted invitees

Dirt and dust, dry leaves, ants, insects, cockroaches, lizards, wasps, and other creepy crawlers at times intrude into the motor box. When left unattended for long, they come up with colonies, which will cause serious hindrances to the functionality of the motor. Thus, you need to keep the motor clean, ensuring that it is free of this unwanted stuff and is operating optimally. 

Periodic Maintenance 

Last but not the least, you need to have the motor and the working mechanism of the entire gate checked and overhauled by a reputed company that repairs and maintains sliding gate motors in Australia. The experts of these companies will take the best step forward to ensure that the motors of these gates are in the best condition. 

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The author runs a company that maintains and repairs Electric Sliding Gates and their motors in Australia. The author is an expert and is a regular blogger.