If you feel like giving up on ALL dates because you've tried Blind Dates, Work Dates, Friend Dates, and Internet Dates without long term success, Read On!

Smart men and women who are worthy of great relationships are hanging out at home. Sick and tired of being set up by well-meaning friends, you join the ranks of the disillusioned. Lost hope of ever finding your Special Someone. You know you've got a lot to offer, and that you're not a freak so why are you still the Single Pringle?

Take heart - it's not your fault.

The way you've been launched into the dating maze is pre-destined to bring disappointment - but don't despair - there is an answer...

Take that first moment you size up the prospective partner with a quick glance. If they're alright and they've got an intelligent first sentence, you'll dare to ask the tell-tale question; find out what they do for a job. First three criteria accounted for ... and with that, your Dating Dance has begun!

Like most of us you've probably never learnt the steps - let alone that there's even a dance (metaphorically speaking).

Dating is meant to be wonderful. It's your time to be YOU. It's your moment to learn about the other person - your date; to discover if there is a genuine connection for future potential ... and a second date!

I hear you ... you've read all the books, tried all the theories; been open, held back, said little, said too much, changed personalities, invented stories, been you, and even twisted you too - yet you still end up single.

Relief is here. It's time to get serious and start learning what to do - and what NOT to do!

First up; get the professionals in to sort out the riffraff. It's their job to peel back the layers and find out who is on the inside to make sure that comes through early. They'll ask the hard questions without fearing the answer. They'll teach you the 'Dating Dance' (nope, not the one with two left feet!), and help you learn the steps quickly while protecting your hopes and heart.

A very clever Introduction Agency called DateSmart is a good place to turn to. They have smart matching criteria and strong personal service that really gets you the results ... meaning you'll find your Special Someone. Registration is FREE, quick and easy ... and you'll even get your first introduction FREE!

Check them out at www.DateSmart.co.nz - Sophisticated and Meaningful Introductions

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Suza Demzal
"Find someone to change your life, not just your relationship status."
www.DateSmart.co.nz - Sophisticated & Meaningful Introductions