There can be moments when someone is more irritable than others, and this can make it hard to be around them. This could mean that other people are likely to get into an argument with them, or they could simply end up being verbally attacked.

Having said that, it might not even be this extreme, and other people could just feel drained in their presence. One could find fault in more or less everything they lay their eyes upon, and it will be clear that they are not happy.

Now and Then

However, if they only come across in this way from time to time, it might not have a negative effect on their relationships. Other people could have the tendency to keep their distance when they act in this manner.

These people could have moments when they ask them about what has upset them, and this could lead to a positive outcome. Through being asked this, one could open up about what caused them to be this way.


This could then allow one to settle down, and this might then stop someone from needing to take a step back from them. At the same time, this approach might not work; in fact, it could make them ever worse.

What this could then show is that one is not aware of why they are experiencing life in this way, and this sets them up to be reactive. One is then not in control of their emotions; their emotions are in control of them.

Loss of Control

This can be seen as an example of what can happen when something in external world has had an effect on their inner world. It is then not possible for one to function as they usually would.

For example, if one was walking down a road and something fell on their head, it is going to cause them to experience pain. In this case, not only can they experience a strong emotional reaction; they can also be affected physically.

Out of Their Control

If this was to happen, it wouldn’t be usual for one to see themselves being unlucky, and this is because this was largely out of their control. Of course, they could have walked another way, but they had no reason to.

And when it comes to being angry or annoyed as a result of what has happened externally, one could believe that they are not playing a part in what is going on for them. It can then be as if their reaction is completely normal.

Another Experience

Nevertheless, this is just one of the ways in which someone can experience life, and there are a number of other experiences that they can have. There is still the chance that they have the inclination to be irritable, or this might not be the case.

Along with this, it might not matter if they are around others or if they are in their own company. The reason for this is that one can simply go online, and this can allow them to be exposed to all kinds of things.

Direct or Indirect

During their time online, one could read about something that someone else has said, and this could cause them to experience a strong reaction. The same thing could also occur if they were talking to someone.
And when this happens online, it will be a lot easier for them to get away from what is having an effect on them. As if this was to take place offline, it might not be possible for them to get away.

Emotional Experience

When they experience a strong emotional reaction, they could end up feeling extremely angry. Alternatively, they could feel extremely vulnerable, and as though they are about to be attacked.

Or, they could end up being overwhelmed with anxiety, and it could then seem as though they are about to die. It might then be more accurate to say that it is more of a survival response than an emotional response.

An Overreaction

One way of looking at this would be to say that one’s reaction don’t match up with what takes place. What this can show is that the reason they are behaving in this way is not due to what is taking place externally.

But if one is not aware of what is taking place, it can set them up to try and control their environment. On their own, they are not going to have lot of influence; but this could soon change if they were to join forces with people who are in a similar position.

One Purpose

One could then take it upon themselves to define what other people can or can’t say, and this is naturally going to have effect on freedom of speech. It can create an environment where people are unable to share their views.

Walking on egg shells can then become the norm, and society as a whole can begin to regress. The priority can then be to make sure that people are not triggered (or offended), as opposed to anything else.

Stepping Back

When this happens, it is clearly going to make it much harder for other people to function. The majority are then going to have to suffer as a result of what the minority are going through.

Now, this is not to say that what these people are going through needs to be overlooked; what it comes down to is that a balanced approach needs to be taken. There can be times when it might be necessary to let people know when someone could trigger them, and at other times it might not be.


It will also be vital for people to be encouraged to look into why they experience life in this way, as this can give them the chance to change their life and allow other people to express their views. Perhaps one is carrying trauma, or maybe they don’t have the ability to regulate their emotions.

If one can relate to this, it might be a good idea for them to work with a therapist; this can give them the opportunity to change how they respond to life.

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