Trintellix and Brintellix ( same medicine.

The drug, Brintellix (Vortioxetine) is an anti-depressant and inhibits the serotonin’s reuptake. This is a product of Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. and Lundbeck Pharma.

This announcement was jointly made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. and Lundbeck Pharma in May 2016. So, the drug Brintellix is now being marketed in the US by the name of Trintellix (Vortioxetine). There is absolutely no difference in the composition, dosage and indication between the medicine Brintellix and Trintellix. Many people with the question of Trintellix vs Brintellix will now have their questions answered.

This change in name had to be put into effect after there were reports of confusion between two names, Brintellix and Brilinta. Brilinta is a therapy used to prevent blood clotting. Thus, the confusion between the two names led to the renaming of Brintellix to Trintellix. This change in the name of the drug was affected with the help of US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

It was important to change the name of the drug since the confusion in name might have led to wrong medication. This change in the name was affected swiftly by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Lundbeck Pharma keeping in mind the safety of the patients. Also, the pharmaceutical organizations had assured that they would work with medical practitioners and distributors across the country to ensure that there is no change in the composition of the Vortioxetine medicine doesn’t change. The expected results of taking the drug were to remain the same. And they had also assured that they would communicate with all the healthcare professions to make them aware about the change in name. And thus, being of the same composition, there are no advantages or disadvantages between Brintellix and Trintellix.

The medical professionals were allowed to prescribe Brintellix under its original name till June 2016, upon which, the correct prescription to give out was Trintellix.

What is Brintellix? (Trintellix)
Brintellix, or Trintellix as we know it now, was discovered in Copenhagen by researchers at Lundbeck. Though discovered by Lundbeck’s researchers, the product was launched under Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA License.
This is an inhibitor of Serotonin reuptake and has the effect of being an antidepressant. There are still some actions of this medicine which are not yet fully understood.
Indication: It’s a medicine to be taken upon prescription and is majorly used to treat MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) in adults.

Known side-effects: Constipation, Vomiting or Nausea. These are the common ones. The other side-effects which may/may not occur are mood swings, angry outbursts, running nose, and headaches.
Don’t take Brintellix Rx (Now Trintellix Rx) if: You have allergy to Vortioxetine or any other ingredient present in this medicine.
Apart from all the side-effects, Trintellix is a known sedative and can help in sleep and mood.

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