What is the difference between one weight loss plan and another? My answer is whether or not it works for you. I tried many weight loss plans before coming up with my own. I lost 50 pounds with little or no hunger while increasing my energy and mental acuity.
As I stuck with this plan for nine months, I was reminded of the following quote from (UFOUs
and the Nature of Reality reprinted in Wolf Lodge Journal, Volume 1,Issue 1, by Indelible Inc Publishing):

The only way you break down matter
Is to transform it
And an entity who does that is not a sorcera,
But an alchemist,
The alchemist is within your spirit,
And breaks down the physical,
To transform its energy because
It is at that moment of breaking
down the physical
that the spirit engages.
That is the moment when you
That is the energy that attracts
super beings.
That is the energy that
attracts genius.
Remember, you are one with the life force,
What is relative to one is
relative to all.

Author's Bio: 

I am the eternal alchemist dedicated to the purification of the lower self and it's resulting transformation into the greater self. I am an emancipated woman who might like scuba diving, flying (in and out of the body), who might be generous, love nature, horses, be devoted to family, a magician, and a channel. I have studied Chinese Toni Herbs by Ron Teeguarden. I love to dance more than anything in the world. I have four children Amanda who lives in Germany, works with children, is a choreographer, an aerobic dancer, and is in love with a German RAP artist whose stage name is CURSE. Toni who lives in NEW YORK and just retuned from Amsterdam and Germany after visiting Amanda is a college graduate, a performing artist, playwright, an actor, photographer, poet, and a singer who supports herself by fixing MAC and IBM computers. Daniel is 13 and on his way to high school; he loves computers , video games, sketching, Jackie Chan and anything having to do with the martial arts; Damarise 11, likes to draw.