In 1982, an era began. An Era, which promised to put a dent in the field of science fiction and entertainment business. 1982 saw the extravagant release of the cult movie ‘Tron’ which gave the people a food for thought, making them engage with the whole concept of computer and animation. A Steven Lisberger direction, the movie had become a vogue, and it was a matter of time that it turned into a legacy. And here we are, taking you to its one of the most influenced industries, Performance Arts.
From the movie ‘Tron’ comes the performance art by the name of ‘Tron Act’. The act involves the most perfected amalgamation of dance and technology, giving a performance inspired by Lisberger’s remarkable direction in Tron. The flawless concoction of costume gleaming with LED's and robotic dance moves leaves the audience with a completely new and memorable experience. It is exceptionally amazing to see the cult movie getting molded into a dance performance. The transition is absolutely mesmerizing.

To give an electronic feel to the performance, the costume required to be installed with a device which would ensure that the implementation of lights is perfected. For that, nothing would work as well as LED's do. The dance moves complement the irregular switching cycle of the LED's. But the moves themselves are music dependent. Therefore the selection of music plays a vital role in the process of building a successful ‘Tron Act’ routine. The music without doubt, is EDM (Electronic Dance Music). The integration of EDM music gives the whole act a new dimension and while doing so, provides the audience an exceptional performance.

We have to hand it to Tron Acts. These acts have taken the world by a storm. It is a fact that since the beginning of time, humans have been using dance as a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings. Tron Act satisfies the claim and does so handsomely. Dance and Performance Arts itself is a field which demands constant up-gradation resulting in newer genres and forms. Tron Act is a result of this quest to keep performance art alive for many years to come. More and more dance groups are coming up and performing the Tron Dance publicly to pay its inspiration a deserving tribute. Tron Act, a contemporary dance form has made its own space in the television business as well. Dance group like Glowdiators have established themselves as the go-to dance company, which professes the Tron Act and can provide customized dance performances. Many Dance Reality Shows are taking interest into making Tron Dance mainstream. Dance groups are performing on the television shows and also participating as dance teams on numerous dance reality shows. This certainly shows that Tron Dance is the next big thing when it comes to dance genres.
Tron Act has made it to India as well. Various dance groups have welcomed the genre with open arms while some have not. Criticism has only helped the cause of making the dance form known. The dance form has been criticized to be incoherent and lacking vision. But the success story of this performance art speaks for itself. Glowdiators, a Dance Group in Delhi, has taken the baton to make this dance form popular in every state of the country. Their customized dance performances have helped them build a reputation for themselves in the dance industry of India. They are paving paths for young dance groups making their way into the industry.

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