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Even the Dali Lama gives speeches about having "compassion in troubled times." Troubled times? You mean life? To think that we live in times that somehow are troubled, versus to live in a time when life's troubles were non-existent, is to dream of something that never was, and never will be, as if it were real. To do so does not allow us the power of creation, but has us live within the limiting world of illusion. Life itself, as we live it, is the troubled times we speak of. I mean, we are born and we're going to die after a fashion, after being given this astounding ability to be aware of so many delicious and wonderful things, and then poof! We are gone! Not only that, but we are not aware of where we have come from, why we are here, or where we are going. Oh, sure, everyone has their theories, and then they go around providing the silliest of "proofs" that not only prove nothing, but as well, waste our energy and theirs. Entire wars are fought over such inane and impossible to prove points. What could be more troubling than that! So we do not live in some extraordinary and different troubled times, any more than any time there has ever been to live within, but rather, it's life itself as we live it that is troubling.

Why go through all this trouble to explain this? Because what I have noticed is that for what I can embrace with love, I have no trouble with. If my dog comes up to me wagging its tail and jumping around, excited to merely see me, and I love my dog, then there is no trouble there. If my neighbor does something like cuts some trees down and drops them on my property without asking me first, and I don't love him, then that's troubling. But, when I find it in my heart to love him, because it feels better to do so for me, regardless of what he's done, then all of a sudden all that trouble just disappears. No one who I love unconditionally ever troubles me. No more continuing conceptual anger about "what he did, and why he did it" but rather, just initial anger, and then poof! Again, it's simply gone. And then what happens? After reaching a place of having a clear mind, then actions can be taken to make things how we prefer them to be, all without wasting our energy on further anger or upset. Just toss the darn tree back over the fence and then poof! It's done! It was a nice day anyway, and the exercise did me good.

Is this easy? Was building Rome easy? Was being born easy? Were they both worth it? I'd say so! At least, for me, I am absolutely certain that even though I don't know where we all came from, or what the billions of us are doing here, or where a single one of us is going, it has certainly and without question been a "worth it" journey. It's called Life, after all! My life! With the point about living in "troubled times" being that we have this preconception that we have the "right" to, or that we are "entitled to" live in some illusory non-troubled times, as if somehow by living when and where we are at right now, was somehow different than any of the several billions of lives that have either come before us, are being lived right now, or will ever be lived in the future. As if somebody somewhere is living in some "untroubled" time, and we are not. With the greatest irony of all being that most each and every one of our fellow human beings, also has this misconception going on: that somehow their life should be different than it is. When the truth is, their life, our lives, are all, exactly the way they are and that's it.

That's it, because that truth is an excellent place to begin to now create our lives being the way we would really like them to be. Would we like them to exist within times that are not troubled? Find me that place! The more powerful creative truth is that our lives can exist within a human who isn't troubled, despite whatever times we are living through. And that's the key to our freedom. Because if and when we so effuse ourselves with unconditional love, what happens is that the troubled times we had been experiencing, regardless of any and all shifts or no shifts in the external circumstances of our lives, become something other than troubling to us. And it's not that all of a sudden we "like" what happened, why on Earth would we try to change our feelings that way? When someone cuts me off in the car, I certainly don't magically "like" them just because I can now generate unconditional love for them no matter what. But wherever I am I have noticed I am there and I certainly like myself, and to treat myself that good so that the times of trouble I live in, are not so troubling to me, is to make the whole world a better place. At the least, the whole world I live within. And where else is there to live within anyway!

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With Love and Light, Tom Wright.

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Tom Wright Biography

Tom Wright overcame tremendous odds growing up in a life threatening environment overrun by racially charged violence in the 1960s. He now looks upon these early influences as the crucible that forged his will to continually rise above his circumstances and to overcome all obstacles he encountered throughout the course of his journey in search of a better life.

A student of Ancient Toltec Wisdom, Ernest Holmes work, and the martial arts, Mr. Wright is a respected Science of Mind licensed practitioner and seventh degree black belt. Before creating The One Penny Millionaire!™ transformational seminar, he enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a practical personal growth trainer, professional communicator and writer. Early in his career, TB Wright was a professor of English and he served as a communications aide to two U.S. Presidents. For the latter, he was awarded a Presidential Service Citation.

Professional Accomplishments

· Presidential Service Citation: Gerald Ford, 1974, For Communications.
· Radio Interviews For The One Penny Millionaire!™ Breakthrough Seminar reaching over 120 Million people via Puja Network, Brass Ring, Dr. Meg Blackburn, Gina Ghioldi Show, Virato, Money Matters, Bob Muraco Show, Brian Greenberg, Lisa Live!, Becky Coles, Dr. Ria, Bulldog and The Dude, Michael Patrick Shiels, Sue London, Jack Ebling.
· Interviewed by Newsweek, Essence, Lowes Knows, Journal Courier, New Haven Register, and AOL America Online for his work.
· Published in over 75 Periodicals and Magazines/Audience over ninety million readers
· Licensed Practitioner, Science of Mind.
· Executive Director and coursework creator for The Mastery Project, conducted with prison inmates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Texas
· Licensed Avatar© Master, Worldwide Transformational Seminar Series
· Guest Seminar Leader, Landmark Educational Corporation
· Staff member, The Six Day Intensive, Life-altering courses in New York, and San Francisco.
· Founder TwIxSilver Press, Asheville, NC
· Co-Founder and President Of The Board, Katuah Sudbury School.
· Participant, (By Invitation Only) Forum Leader Program, in recognition of transformational skills, Landmark Education.
· Coursework creator at breakthrough seminar.
· Practitioner ancient Toltec wisdom.
· Invited speaker to The International Amazonian Conference On Shamanism. Tom is a highly regarded shaman, rain maker, and speaker.
· Author of six self-help abundance books: Be BAD! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself!, How Anger Makes Me Happy!, How To Change Your Life Completely In Ten Seconds, One, The Answer, and, Acronyming POWER Your Life!