True beauty is really inner beauty. People who are healthy have a beautiful glow about themselves and it’s showcased by the way they interact with others. An unhealthy individual is someone who has a difficult time enjoying life, itself; and what I mean by “unhealthy” includes not being mentally fit.

In order to secure the title of “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil,” the oil must contain a perfect balance of a 3 to 1 ratio of Omega 6 (linoleic/LA) to Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic/LNA) essential fatty acids, which is the optimum requirement for long-term healthy human nutrition.

Without this balance, not only does it affect one’s health, including the condition of one’s skin, but also how it can affect one’s behavior.

Now, there is an opportunity to improve the overall health in the harvesting of hemp. Hemp is a versatile crop, since it not only can be used in a production of an amazing oil, but also a food product and in items not related to food.
From 1776 to 1937, hemp was a major American crop and textiles made from hemp were common. Yet, The American Textile Museum, The Smithsonian Institute, and most American history books contain no mention of hemp. The government's War on Drugs has created an atmosphere of self-censorship where speaking of hemp in a positive manner is considered politically incorrect or taboo.
United States Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp, used products made from hemp, and praised the hemp plant in some of their writings.

No other natural resource offers the potential of hemp. Cannabis Hemp is capable of producing significant quantities of paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, ink, and fuel. Unlike other crops, hemp can grow in most climates and on most farmland throughout the world with moderate water and fertilizer requirements, no pesticides, and no herbicides. Cannabis Hemp (also known as Indian Hemp) has enormous potential to become a major natural resource that can benefit both the economy and the environment.

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Kelley Curl 7 is the author of the book, "My Curly Hair Self: Living with a Visual Processing Disorder