True happiness is not as elusive as you think

Great philosophers and scholars have attempted to define true happiness.

Some have viewed the material gained as a benchmark to true happiness. These are a stable job, a prosperous business, a home and a second car.

Yet others view true happiness as a spiritual and moral growth that you can attain by doing the right things.

Yet despite all of these philosopher’s efforts--- true happiness is still as elusive as it was hundreds of years ago!

We all want to be happy right. We all want to be content.

But the problem is not many people know where to start.

When I look back at my life I realize that for many years I just wasn’t happy.

I was doing a job I always dreamed of doing.

Being a professional rugby player was something I wanted to do since I was a kid.

In my eyes there was no better way of making a living

There were good times, don’t get me wrong. But there were too many years filled with frustration and disappointment

I was always down in the dumps, stressed, miserable and constantly carried the world on my shoulders

The older I got I started to realize the ills of my way.

Being happy is a choice. It’s something we can all have once we know where to start.


Starting is simple; you begin by adhering to simple, basic steps and actions.

You begin by doing simple acts of kindness to your fellow man. These acts of kindness will boost your well being.

It will be your simple kind offering to the individual and the world at large.


You start by serving different people. You can perform simple acts of kindness to:

- Doing voluntary work for a philanthropist or developmental organization.

- Do good deeds in your neighborhood.

- Do good deeds for your family and friends.

- Do good deeds for you co-workers and professional colleagues.

- Do good deeds for strangers.

The secret to true happiness is in giving to others. The moment that you start to think about the well-being of others then your path to true happiness begins.

The words I or Me... are selfish words that hinder true happiness. The paradigm is simple but very effective.

Running after or chasing your dreams and ambitions is the hallmark that has characterized stress in the modern world.

But when you let go of these stressful pursuits’, turn your backs on the obsessive search for what you want, then they will just come to you.

This is an immutable and irreversible law of nature that will never change.

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True happiness is not as elusive as you think. Being happy is a choice- A choice we can all make. Discover a simple formula to true happiness and your life will be more rich, content and fulfilled then ever before.