Being happy is simple and so is life, we just choose to complicate it. We complicate it with our past, future, negative thinking or our beliefs. However, when you live through You these things cease to exist because they are a figment of your imagination. They are what your mind is thinking, not who you are. YOU ARE true happiness – pure – positive – plain & simple!

True happiness is the internal stable presence of unconditional love, inner-peace and well-being. It exists under any and all circumstances. This does not mean you won’t experience negative emotion, because you will. It just means you will be happy even if you do not feel happy.

Think of yourself like that of an electrical circuit. As long as you stay connected to the Source (You), you will always have power; you will always be “working” correctly. This connection will yield true happiness and give you access to whatever you desire. It is when you rely upon external resources you lose your connection and power in a never ending cycle of ups and downs. External resources do in fact create the feeling of happiness and are very fulfilling at the time of inception but eventually the euphoria they bring will fizzle out and you will be left wanting bigger, better and more.

Living through You allows the constant flow of positive energy. This positive flow of energy journey’s out into the Universe, and as we all know, like attracts like. Your energy will then “attach” itself to the same likeness and immediately bring it back to you whether it be in the form of a positive emotion or a material object.

You = Source
Source = True Happiness
True Happiness = You

Simply put ~ to live through You means to live in the present moment for You are the present moment and You are true happiness. Leave the rest behind and enjoy what life has to offer You right NOW!

Love & Light,


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Cindy is a Personal Development Life Coach. Her knowledge and expertise comes from 25 years of study, personal life experiences, and from working as a community volunteer and mentor. Cindy coaches people towards finding their own personal power through inner awareness; guiding them along their own unique path toward true happiness and life fulfillment. To learn more about Cindy go to Personal Blog go to