There are people who are generally able to achieve what they set their mind on and there are others who aren’t. When it comes to the former, it is going to be a lot easier for them to make progress and to move forward with their life.

Their life will change as the years go by - stopping them from feeling as though they are stuck in Groundhog Day. Being able to fulfil their needs is naturally going to have a positive effect on their wellbeing.

Patience and Persistence

Now, this doesn’t mean that everything will always fall into this persons lap or that everything will be easy. They will have faced challenges in their life like everyone else, yet they will have kept going.

But, if there have been moments when they have thrown the towel in, so to speak, it may have been a sign that they were doing something that didn’t interest them. During these moments, it would have been clear that they needed to take a different path.


What is going to stand out about someone like this is that they are their own best friend. There will be the support that other people give them and there will be the support that they give to themselves.

The support that they receive from others will be important, but it won’t be as important as what takes place within them. In the same way that a nation will rise or fall, depending on what takes place internally; whether or not a human being will rise of fall will depend on what takes place internally.

The Same Team

Their inner support will be what allows them to take the first step and it will be what gives them the encouragement that they need to handle just about any setback that arises. This is likely to show that they are in touch with their inherent worth.

And, as they are going to be stuck with themselves until their time on this earth comes to an end, it is a good thing that they have this type of relationship with themselves. Being this way is also going to have a positive effect on their relationships.


There will be no need for them to tolerate bad behaviour from others – being around people like this would feel uncomfortable. They will only have space for people that will allow them to expand.

This could be how their life has been for as long as they can remember, or, perhaps it hasn’t been this way for very long. Nevertheless, they are going to be living a life that is worth living.

Another Reality

When it comes to someone who finds it hard to achieve what they set their mind to, it is going to be a challenge for them to make progress and to move forward with their life. They may get to a certain point and then for some reason, they end up giving up.

It will be as if they take one step forward and two steps back, which is likely to lead to an incredibly frustrating existence. Alliteratively, they could have moved forward in at least one area of their life, only for it to fall apart soon after.

Inner Conflict

And, unlike the person above whose inner world is full of love and support, their inner world could be full of negativity. What is going on within them is going to make it hard for them to take action and to keep going, no matter what happens.

Due to what is taking place within them, it is not going to be much of a surprise if they are surrounded by people who unable to be supportive. Their inner world will need to change in order for them to change their outer world.

Different Parts

One way of looking at this would be to say that this person is not an integrated human being, and this is why their life is so difficult. Physically they will be one person, that will be clear to see, but what won’t be clear to see if that they will probably have many different selves within them.

There will be the needs that their adult self has and then there will be these other selves that have different needs. However, although these different selves will have nothing to do with their true-self, it doesn’t mean that they will realise what is going on.


Through experiencing life in this way for so long, they might believe that these different selves are part of their nature. As a result of this, they may try to fight these different parts and push them out of their awareness, for instance.

When one of these parts takes over their being, it can define how they feel, what thoughts they have, and how they behave, along with how they perceive life. Some of these parts will have a very similar effect on them, while others won’t.

Where Do They Come From?

The different selves that are sabotaging their life will have most likely been created during the beginning of their life. There would have been moments during this time when they felt overwhelmed, and the only option available would have been for them to disconnect from how they felt.

Each time this took place, it would have split-off another part of them, and, over time, this would have lead to a fractured being. These parts will then have made it difficult for them to be able to embrace their true-self.


If the external support was available when they felt overwhelmed, it would have allowed the experience to be processed and to pass through them. This would have stopped them from having to split-off a part of themselves to survive.

A childhood full of abuse can be the reason why someone has all these split-off parts, as can a relatively ‘normal’ childhood. Thankfully, these parts can be integrated, thereby allowing them to function as a whole human being.

This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer. Each part may need to be acknowledged and allowed to express what it couldn’t express all those years ago.

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