Greatness is the height of achievement. We gravitate to greatness by using our potential to its peak. We become great when we do the impossible. We become great when we do the unbelievable. We become great when we discover the secret behind the magic in us and how to use that magic to influence others to dicover their own magic in themselves.

When we face our greatest challenges, and we are equal to them, something great comes out of it. Greatness is the sphere of the average who do the extraordinary. It is the unleashing of that which is at our core, which in turn help others unleash theirs.

Greatness is finding our VOICE and helping others find theirs. Stephen R. Covey, in this book The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness To Greatness, said: “When you engage in work that taps your talent and fuels your passion – that rises out of a great need in the world that you drawn by conscience to meet – therein lies your VOICE, your CALLING, your SOUL’S CODE.”

We all can be great, if we are interested. There is a deep, innate, almost inexpressible yearning within each one of us to find our VOICE in life. Once we find our voice, it automatically empowers other to find theirs. That is what I call true greatness.

True greatness is having the courage to do what is right inpite of all odds. It is putting our foot down and saying, “I refuse to tell a lie, even though I have to lose my job, my friendship and my association dearest to me.” True greatness is saying “I will rather go to heaven with an empty stomach, than go to hell with a full one.”

True greatness is allowing our greed to be swallowed up in the need for others. True greatness is, ‘I’ is not as important as ‘us’. True greatness is giving up of something good for something better. It is the burial of an old carnal self to a ressurected new and better self. True greatness is the laying down of our lives, if necessary, for the true cause we believe in. True greatness is the total annihilation of the natural man in us, for a new man of intelligence.

The preceding might look like a full menu of activities, but it is within the reach of all of us. Every child was born great. We are all born great. We lost our greatness as we grew up. But the good news is that we can become great again. Infact, the truth is that we did not really lose our greatness. It went to sleep. We can reawaken it.

God is a great man. If we are his ofspring, then we are great children. A dog does not give birth to a goat. We all have an eternal birthright inherited from eternal parents. That birthright is embeded in greatness. We were born great. We were meant to live great. We should die great!

We have no business living less than who we are. The greatest promise we can ever make is the promise we make to ourselves that we will never live less than who we are. To live the contrary is tantamount to failure. To be truly great means we must live life to its fullest, and die empty.

- OJ

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Nduka is Nigeria's foremost Business and Personal Development Coach and Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Trainer. Nduka teaches success principles to thousands of audience yearly through out Nigeria and the subregion of West Africa. You can view some of his articles on his blog,