A close look at the life of president Trump, one will come to a definite conclusion that he is a goal-oriented person. He would impulsively pursue an objective, regardless of its feasibility, and does not rest until he achieves it.

After the election of Barack Obama, he found a new goal in life, which was removing Obama from office. To achieve his objective, Trump established the Birther movement through which he fought fiercely to prove that Obama had no right to become president of America since he allegedly was not born in the USA.

After his attempt failed miserably when Obama produced authentic documents to disprove Trump's claim, his humongous ego was tarnished. He seized the opportunity to occupy the headlines by claiming that he forced Obama to come clean about his birth place and put questions regarding the legitimacy of Obama's presidency to

For a man who loves to be on the spotlight, he had to come up with a formidable plan to get his revenge.

Without taking time to reflect on the ramifications of his plan, he announced that he would run for the highest office in his country, the presidency of the USA. He had one goal in mind, which is destroying the legacy of the man who made him the laughing stock of the media by annihilating the birth movement.

For reasons that will remain a source of speculation for a long time to come, he won the election to occupy the oval office. At this moment, he acquired a new mission in his first term in office.

Since he could not remove Obama from office while he was president, he must destroy his legacy since he cannot achieve the same popularity and respect that Obama was able to attain.

Obamacare was one of the former president most noticeable legacy. Consequently, Trump must exert every effort to repeal it. Trump was willing to bribe, threaten and coax members of both houses to achieve his goal. Up to now, he failed to accomplish that task which is driving him up the wall.

Obama successfully reached an agreement with the help of other world leaders that convinced Iran to stop its nuclear program. During Trump's speech at the UN, he labelled it as an embarrassment, which he intends to terminate or annul.
Obama preached reconciliation in his speeches at the UN. Hence,

Trump believed that he must contradict Obama by using harsh
language such annihilating North Korea, inciting violence in Venezuela and insulting the leaders of Iran.

China and Russia along with numerous Americans criticized his confrontational attitude that may have disastrous consequences on our world.

Obama established the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals) to protect children whose parents came to the USA illegally.

Trump decided to put an end and order their deportation within 6 months. Obama was proud of being participant in reaching the Paris Climate Agreement. Hence, Trump must withdraw from this agreement despite protests from most of the states. He did not need valid reasons to justify his intentions. For him, the agreement's association with
Obama was sufficient to withdraw from it.

President Trump believes in the adage "Be different to be noticed". Therefore, he must contradict his predecessor in order to remain in the spotlight.

Trump is an individual who loves to capture the headlines of every news outlet in the world. He thinks that there is no such thing as a bad publicity. Hence, he will do anything to remain the focus of people's attention regardless of the consequences of infuriating members of his administration as well as the public.

Most analysts were hoping that he will refer to conciliatory approach in his first speech to the general assembly at the UN. However, a leopard cannot change his spots which means president Trump could not change his confrontational nature. His speech angered most
people around the world including peace-loving people in China.

His speech achieved nothing but escalating the conflict with North Korea. Maybe, president Trump rightfully deserves the label "Dotard, a person in his or her dotage," which—classic dictionary moves—is extremely unhelpful" that was used to describe him by the North Korean leader.

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Holding an honorary professorship from China, Sava Hassan is a Canadian author, poet and educator. He had published three books and wrote numerous articles in various topics in Canada, USA and China. For a year, he was writing an advice column for a major English magazine in China. Sava, occasionally, writes articles for several Chinese English Newspapers. He won several writing awards including seven from China.