People speculate a lot with the word trust and they do it on purpose. I would like to make a few clarifications about it...

Many times trust is mixed with faith. But to have faith is one thing and to trust someone is something completely different. Faith is pointing outwards, it is created outside and is based on other people experiences and achievements. Trust is facing inwards, it is built within us and is based on the personal experience and achievements. Meaning of the words is irrelevant when we are not moving anywhere and we don’t want to know anything about ourselves.

We can think and speak whatever we want. But when we want too be aware of ourselves and the world around us every word matters. We must be careful what we think and what we speak of. Thus we have to be careful with the expressions we use. The expression “to trust someone” is as correct and reasonable as the expressions “people’s folklore” or “iron wood”.

Let’s use the mathematical principle used to find something that we guess is unknown. We have the expression “ I trust someone” where the word “trust” is the unknown. We replace “trust” with “ten bucks” and we get the sentence “ I have ten bucks in someone”. The first question is why my ten bucks are in someone else, and not in my pocket? Especially when I need them. In most cases the others fail to protect someone else’s property and it happens “I lost trust in someone / someone’s ten bucks “. Considering the fact that these expressions want to show the faith in someone and respectfully our dividends coming from out faith, thus the loss is painful. The pain is as strong as is the input. It is the same as when we loose money.

Trust on the other hand is an inner achievement, just like love. It is necessary to do some effort to be able to build trust. It is not granted. If granted, it is quickly lost. Trust is unconditional, because it does not have external reasons, conditions or support. It lacks greed, because we don’t expect anything from anyone and nothing can disappoint us. That’s exactly what happens when we fall in love. Everything seems wonderful. Soon, though, our protective mechanisms against love and trust switch on and start running effectively. If, we want to remain in love in the long term we do need to destroy these protective mechanisms.

Trust also means not to interfere in other people’s activities and not to hinder them. Everyone is following their own life path and must chose on his/her own whether to follow their destiny or to create it. Jealousy is another grand obstacle when it comes to trust. The more important is to pay attention to what we do with someone when we are together and not what he/she is doing when we are not together (during the day).

Everyone has free will. When we talk to someone, only our conversation matters. The other one is not obliged to stick with us. When the conversation is over he/she is free to go and talk to someone else or do something else. Jealousy prevents that, especially when the other one is a close friend or a spouse….

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