Have you ever put off doing something that you knew would benefit your business because you felt the investment was too big?

If you want a profit breakthrough here’s a surefire way …

Invest time in learning, brainstorming, planning, and executing. Invest money in those things, too.

Investing time and money in your business is a sign of trusting yourself. As soon as you make a decision to jump, the entire Universe conspires on behalf of your success.

I can say this from experience. I’ve always invested before I had the money or time to do so. It felt like the right choice even though it scared the pants off me.

Here are some of the ways I showed my trust in my ability to be successful …

* Hired an assistant with no limit on hours.
* Set up large automatic payments for my retirement funds.
* Enrolled in $20,000 coaching program right after buying a fixer-upper house (that needed a lot of fixing!) and no money in the bank to cover it.
* Hired a marketing person who charged double what I did.
* Stopped booking appointments on Mondays and Fridays so that I could work ON my business or play.
* Hired a nanny, housecleaner, and personal chef so I could spend more focused time on my biz and with my family.
* Upgraded my systems and equipment to go pro.

Every single one of these felt like a HUGE stretch at the time. I knew each of them felt aligned with my bigger vision and yet I had anxiety before I fully committed.

Once I made peace with my choice and decided to get 100% behind it, new sales came out of the blue. I showed myself I could afford to invest the time and money, and clients responded.

How would your business prosper if you invested additional love, time, and money?

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