My SEO Care offers SEO services for your site, we have years of experience in website optimization and helps you improve your search engine rankings.

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) indicates all the internal (SEO on-page) and external (SEO off-page) optimization activities that are performed on a website or blog to increase organic traffic and bring qualified visitors.

All the marketing and social media marketing strategies that are carried out can improve the visibility of your site. To function, SEO services need to have knowledge of how Google's algorithms work and what quality signals are appreciated by search engines.

A quality online SEO service allows you to increase the visibility of your online project, improving the content of the site and bringing it to the top places on google for the keywords that are relevant to your business, thus obtaining more visitors interested in your services. or products.

My SEO Care is also an SEO consultant specialized in providing professional SEO consultancy capable of bringing results that last over time, using techniques that comply with Google's guidelines to prevent your website from being penalized.

The work we do will be to analyze your business, understand who your online competitors are, study the behavior and research that your target audience carries out, and only after analyzing this data, study an SEO strategy to be implemented to help you reach the results you want.

The SEO technical audit is the first step that must be taken to verify that no problems are affecting the online visibility of the site and that its pages are well indexed in the search engine results. The website optimization services require some essential features to function and be liked by Google.

The first thing, before starting Search Engine Optimization services, is to check the health status. It is necessary to check all the elements that define its structure and that there are no technical problems that prevent its indexing.

After having carried out these checks, a document will be drawn up which will highlight all the technical problems and the activities to be carried out to resolve these errors. These can be done by your technical team (if you have one), or we can take care of it if you don't have a developer on your staff. If, however, the website has not yet been created and you need the creation of a site already optimized for search engines, you can request a free quote.

Before starting to optimize the site, you need to understand what your potential customers are looking for, what questions they ask in the search engines, what their doubts are to be able to answer them with optimized and highly informative content that can respond to their needs.

Before starting the project, we will need to have a lot of information about you, your business, and the services or products you intend to promote.

The service of a professional SEO consultancy online is to be able to find the best keywords you should focus on and help you produce content that is relevant to your target market and thus increase its online visibility in organic results.

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