Phone parts(, oxygen of the cell phone should be taken on a serious account. As there are a number of dealers from where you can buy the cell phone and in the same way there are also a number of dealers who provide you the needed spare parts at a reasonable rate. We all have to get the phone repaired if we face any type of mistake, but we don’t find the right information to make the right decision and we end up buying the phone parts from the wrong supplier. Things get more complicated, not only the money gets wasted, but the time which is very precious gets wasted which is unaffordable to waste.

Generally, we go with the wholesale phone parts store, but again there will be two more options and they are wholesale Authorized dealer and Retail Authorized Dealer. Authorized wholesale dealers are the company’s dealers. For example, Samsung company will select some of the dealers as its Authorized dealers and you can get the authentic Samsung products from them. Unauthorized dealers sell the spare parts which are illegal. You will find the same spare parts and maybe at lower prices, but not the genuine product. In this era and the age of e-commerce, the authorized retailer has become less common, but some industries are still dominated by authorized retailers and the cell phone industry is one among them. Let us see the truth about phone parts from Authorized cell phone repair parts wholesale suppliers as well as Unauthorized Suppliers.

The product’s warranty or guarantee may not apply

The warranty of the product is very beneficial whether to the customers or to the business owners, warranty frames an outline to the product, an outline provides the protection to your product. If one goes to buy the product, the first thing the customer will look about the product is the warranty. A customer will consider all the sellers but will prefer to buy from the seller who will provide the warranty. Only the Authentic and Authorized dealer will provide the warranty. The unauthorized dealer will tell you that they will provide the warranty but then when the time comes to avail, they simply deny to provide you the services.

Chances you will get fake product

When the Authorized sellers are the authentic sellers of the company, unauthorized sellers are not always selling authentic products. They try to make more profit and as a result, they deteriorate the quality of the spare parts. In greed for making more money, they provide the worst quality at the same price of the lower quality.

The product is not what was expected

Authorized dealers provide a genuine product that will function properly. The spare parts you buy from them will function just similar to your original spare parts, while the spare parts you buy from the unauthorized dealers are the duplicate ones and they are made in such a manner that you will not be able to identify easily, whether the part is original or not and last your expectation will be cut off.

No Replacement

When you will buy from the Authorized dealers, they are responsible to provide you the services until you are satisfied, while the unauthorized dealer does not take any such responsibility and in turn, they will not easily provide you the replacement and most of the times you will have to return empty hands. Thus the product will be wasted and you will feel victimized. Return policies are different if you go with Authorized as well as Unauthorized dealers. is a wholesale Authorized cell part providing company. You can buy the best genuine parts there.

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