“I want to know the truth”… “tell me the truth”.. “that cannot be true”… those are things we keep hearing. Humans are focused on THE “truth”... one “truth” and in their demands for it they can get very frustrated, aggravated, angry, and depressed… they are searching for it all the time... searching constantly, trying to find the evidence, do the research… it’s all based on that… the “age of reason and knowledge” as it’s often called.

Searching … that in itself is oxymoronic… why are you searching for something that is within? Why are you searching for the truth … why can you not believe that the truth is within that you already know it and just need to see it, grasp it… you don’t even have to understand it. Yet, that’s not what you do… you go outside, you look for the truth and its validation from others… that keeps you going around and around and around… searching….constantly searching.

Why? Because you are afraid I’d say.

You are afraid of admitting the truth to yourself.
You are afraid of admitting that you know the truth.
You are afraid that the truth is not what others tell you.
You are afraid of the truth.

Often then you do not even dare to ask the pertinent questions... those that will help you recognize the truth…. “only ask if you want to know the answer” or “only ask if you want to know the truth.” So many don’t ask because there’s the intuitive knowledge that receiving the answer might shatter all learned truths, all learned behaviors.

Are you afraid of the truth?

Are you afraid of asking the questions?

What happens when you are presented with the truth, right in front of your eyes? You’ve asked, it’s shown to you and you? What do you do? Do you back away? Do you put on those rose-colored glasses and retreat into comfort with those familiar words “oh… that can’t be right.”? No, the truth presented directly to us is
not always what we are really looking for, is it? We’d like it to be presented nicely, maybe wrapped beautifully with a bow around to make it even more special and easily digestible. But that’s not always how it is… or is?

Is it the truth that is not ‘pretty’ or our perception of it?
Is it the truth that is painful or how we view it?
Is it the truth that is hurting us or our hiding behind the comfy blanket of social conditioning?

The truth is within you – it always has been and always will be… but remember it’s your truth. It may not be anyone else’s truth so when you’re ready, go within, ask the question, hear the answer, feel the answer, know the answer and receive the truth … then:

Dare to speak the truth,
Dare to ask for the truth,
Dare to accept the truth.

And most importantly, dare to not judge the truth … yours or that of anyone else.
Sooner or later you see the truth, you’ve asked for it to be shown to you... then it’s up to you how you deal with it. It doesn’t have to be painful, hurtful, or anything… but yes, it will be a lesson to be sure, a lesson that will help you grow and ascend more and more… when you stand in your truth.

Peace, Love, Namaste --

Council of N

Author's Bio: 

Natalie Kimbrough is an intuitive medium, medical intuitive, Akashic Record Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, and spiritual counselor. She is dedicated to helping others on their life journeys with love and compassion. Always having felt a deep connection with the spiritual or metaphysical realms she is stepping forward in her own right, while being dedicated to her daily spiritual practices for an even deeper understanding the interconnectedness of all things.