The state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband and wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law is a thing of joy, but why are many enduring in this partnership instead of enjoying it? The truth behind the scene is what every single ought to know.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. From my interviews and researches on married people, I found out that a lot of them especially the females went into marriage with illusions while the males were not mature. To excel above those who have gone before you, all you need do is to learn from their failures and successes; this places you on eagle's wings.
You must be marriageable before you go into marital relationship, if not you mess up this great institution. An intimate or close union is not for the immature male and female because true matrimony is not a marriage of convenience. Your marriageability is what influences your marital circumstances. If you are fully prepared and properly position yourself for this journey, nothing will upset your applecart.
Never do things because others are doing it. If anything is worth doing, it must be done well. You don't get married because your mates are marrying. You must be a person of mark who is marked by a perfect personality in this day and age. You are the choicest of the best, so, if the mountain top is your desire never settles for the valley. You should never get married because of a married-name or marital status. The real marriage starts after the wedding ceremony, now the thrills of the wedding march have faded, the wedding cake finished and the wedding ring a symbol; what keeps the union going is the conviction, love and commitment that you have in your heart which lubricates, reinforces and builds the holy agreement.
Before you tie the knot, know that marriage is a university of no graduation. It is a life time business so, you must be careful on the type of person you go into relationship with because divorce is not part of this commission. To do well in your marital union you must build your self- concept which involves self- awareness, self- appreciation, self-esteem and believe in yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know the rules of relationship and understand the maxims of maturity, for they greatly position you for success in marriage.
You can build a strong family by knowing what men want, what women want and what God want in marriage. Be mindful to produce offspring's that will positively impact the system that drives the progress of humanity. Know this - children learn by imitation, so be a good exemplary. Know you that parenting is not a joke; a mistake you make in raising up your child or children will affect your family and the society. Make your marital relationship divorce-proof. Gain maturity mentally, socially, spiritually, physically, intellectually and financially. Husband and wife must know their role and fulfill it. Let your union be characterized by fidelity and dignity which is worthy of emulation.
As a great man or woman, you don't marry anyhow! Go for the best. Be aright and you will get it right. Do away with boyish or girlish mentality. Develop yourself because like attracts like. A man wants a woman who is as mature as Britain, as beautiful as America and as endowed as Africa. A woman wants a strong honest and influential man; one who has favorable financial state and believes in himself. As a man, you are a leader and king in your home. Have a positive attitude and lead well because everything rises and falls on leadership. Woman, you are a queen, play your part well.
Proper preparation positions you for success. With these truths gird yourself and create your state of favorable circumstances. You have a choice; unite with your better half and love him or her for being your best friend' then your marriage will be on the upward and forward only. You have a choice! Apply what you have learnt from reading this article and your marriage must succeed.

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Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is a visionary leader. A positive change facilitator, social entrepreneur, life coach, an inspirational speaker and writer.
He's the Founder/President of Higherlife International; a non-governmental organization focused and dedicated on enriching lives positively, an administrator at Chiysonovelty Book Club and a Chaplain at International Christians Corp and Chaplaincy.
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha is the author of the book " OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGES OF LIFE."